Week of April 1st-5th
Phonics: Students will be blending and building words that are spelled with oi and oy .
Grammar: Students will learn how to use the pronouns I, me, we and us correctly. 
Writing: Students will learn how to write a play of their own.
Reading: Students will understand texts by visualizing and finding the problem and the solution. 

Religion: Students will discuss how we come together in the Church and how we celebrate God's love for us.
Math: Students will subtract up to three digit numbers and learn how to write them in a different way.
(https://www.internet4classrooms.com/online_practice/common_core/math_mathematics_2nd_second_grade/index.htm) for more practice.
Social Studies: Students will learn about how rules and laws help our communities. We will also be studying the past and present day life.

Social Studies Test: Thursday, April 4th
Math Test: Thursday, April 4th
Spelling/Reading Test: Friday, April 5th