Week of October 22nd-26th
Phonics: Students will be working with word that have ai and ay. 
Grammar: Students will learn about proper nouns and how to identify abbreviations. 
Writing: Students will learn how to do research and write about what they researched.
Reading: Students will analyze stories by summarizing stories using sequences and learn how to make and confirm predictions.

Religion: Students will learn what the 10 Commandments are and how we should follow them . 
Math: Students will learn how to add addends to make a ten .
(https://www.internet4classrooms.com/online_practice/common_core/math_mathematics_2nd_second_grade/index.htm) for more practice.
Science: Students will observe, compare and classify, make and confirm predictions, and put things in order.

Tuesday October 23rd- Math Test 
Friday, October 26th- Spelling/Reading Test