First Class News


Here is what we will be learning about this week!
     Religion:  This week we will celebrate national Kindness Week by reviewing ways to be kind to our family, friends, and our community.
     Language Arts:  We will:
       ****encoding and decoding words with three consonant blends
       ****continue work in our Writing Binders with journal, list, poetry, add a fact, and letter writing
       ****continue with our "Daily 5" language activities which include: listen to reading, read to self, work on writing, read to someone, and  word work
       ****work on listening, speaking, and writing skills as we interview our star student, write a class story about the star, and write a special letter for our star classmate
    Math:  We will be continuing working on Module 2 - subtraction and using tens to help us.

    Science and Social Studies:  We will begin our unit on the United States which includes:  laws, government, national symbols, famous presidents, and the office of the presidency.
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