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Shop with Scrip and PrestoPay!

posted Jan 10, 2011, 2:06 PM by School Admin   [ updated Nov 2, 2013, 7:26 AM ]
The On Line Payment Service from!

Pay for your scrip gift cards online with PrestoPay™, the convenient payment system available on When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via electronic debit. You won’t have to drop o. any more checks!

PrestoPay is not a credit card system, because credit cards charge fees that are costly for our scrip 
program. Instead, PrestoPay uses the same electronic payment transfer used by direct deposit systems. It’s easy to use, and easy to get started! Simply log into your ShopWithScrip® account, click on the PrestoPay link in the left navigation column, and enter your checking account information. Complete the steps to verify your information, and you will receive a secure approval code to share with your scrip coordinator.

That’s it! You will then be able to choose the PrestoPay option when you check out on, and have your payment securely transferred from your checking account right to our organization. A small $0.15 convenience fee will apply to each order.

For more information about this online scrip payment system, view the instructional videos found 
on the same PrestoPay page on your ShopWithScrip account.

ShopWithScrip and PrestoPay - the easiest way to order and pay!