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American Express Cards

posted May 21, 2010, 8:03 AM by School Admin
American Express cards come in $25, $100 and $200 and pay 1.25%.  
Currently know stores that accept American Express cards:
Meijer             Wal-mart            Target            Walgreens
As I find more stores, I will send updates. 
If you know of stores that accept American Express, please let Jennifer Fluent know and she will forward the information to the school families.
The American Express card, through SCRIP, is not a credit, charge, or debit card and has no activation fee.
Redeemable at US, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Island retailers where The American Express Card is accepted. Includes mail order and online merchants. Not redeemable at cruise lines, for recurring billing purchases, at casinos, or ATMs. Usage restrictions apply for international airlines.
Please read their terms and conditions found on their website for pay at the pump gas purchases. If you are using the card at a restaurant, hair salon or other merchant that may be expecting a gratuity, they will obtain an authorization on the card for an amount up to 20% more than the total bill. Be sure that the balance on your card will be enough to cover the extra charge. If the card is declined, ask the merchant to obtain an authorization for the amount equal to or less than the balance remaining.
If you have any questions, please call the school 753-4175 or email me at