Welcome to Mrs. Wildenhain's 5th grade class.

We are having a virtual book fair this summer.  Please follow the link below and start your summer book shopping.

Incoming 5th-graders, please check the tabs to the left for information regarding next year.  Thanks and have a wonderful summer.

June 6, 2020
What a crazy end to the year we've had.  
I can't believe it's over.  
It has been a pleasure to have been your child's 5th-grade teacher.  
I wish you all a safe, healthy, fun-filled summer!!
April 8, 2020
Just as a reminder, registration for the 2020-2021 school year is still open.  Register online or call the office if you have any questions.
March 23, 2020
Well, we are into our second week of online learning.  As previously mentioned, all of my assignments will be posted to my Google Classroom.  The kids are doing phenomenally.  I am very proud of them.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
Stay safe, stay well, and God Bless.
March 15, 2020
Parents, I have emailed your child with information for the week.  As I mentioned to them, I will be posting nightly for the next day's assignments. I will be taking attendance and submitting it to the office.  
Grades close Wednesday.  I have sent home the Benchmark reading assessment and asked the class to complete it by Friday.  I have also stressed to them that this should be done independently just as if they were in class.  If at all possible, it would be greatly appreciated if this assessment can be scanned and returned to me electronically.  If you do not have access to a scanner, no worries.  I don't have one either so I completely understand.  I would like to use this grade towards their 2nd-trimester grade but will save it for trimester 3 if I don't receive them all.  Flexibility and understanding is the name of the game right now.
Please DO NOT hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Re-registration is ongoing and as I'm sure you have already heard, the Gala previously scheduled for the end of April has been tentatively rescheduled for June 19, 2020.
March 8, 2020
The class will have a chapter 8 social studies vocabulary quiz on Monday and a chapter  24 religion test on Thursday.  As usual, there will be regular spelling and reading assessments on Friday as well as Stations of the Cross Friday afternoon.
March 1, 2020
Last Friday we celebrated Stations of the Cross in the gym with Father Messina.  It was a wonderful prayer service.  We will celebrate Stations every Friday during Lent.  There will also be the First Friday Mass on Friday, March 6 at 9:00.  Please feel free to join us. 
February 22, 2020
I hope you all had a fun and restful week off.
Please join us for Ash Wednesday mass at the church on the 26th at 9:00.
Hopefully, the students have been studying the 13 colonies and their spellings.  They will be tested on them Friday as well as the full chapter 5 social studies test.  They have had plenty of notice.  
We are making great progress in math and will begin chapter 8 when we return.  The class will also be doing some compare and contrast essay writing.  As usual, the reading and spelling assessments will be Friday and the spelling words are already uploaded to SpellingCity.
February 8, 2020
This week the class will have their spelling and reading assessment on Thursday due to our field trip on Friday.  On Tuesday, Ned's Mindset Mission will visit our school in the afternoon.  Mrs. Izzi attached a flyer to her parent email regarding this event and the cost of yo-yo's that will be for sale.  
Grade 5 will be able to have their red and pink dress down day on Thursday due to our field trip on Friday.  Also, I will bring in cupcakes for a Valentine's Day treat.  For the PC basketball game students should bring a bagged lunch and wear their gym uniforms.  Besides the game, there will be inspirational speakers.  We will be leaving the school at approximately 9:45.
February 3, 2020
We have a very busy week ahead.  The class will be taking their ACRE test during computer class.  This is a diocesan religion test given to students in grades 5, 8, and 11 and it is completed online.
In addition to that, there will be a science test on Thursday and a math test on Friday.
On Thursday, we will be visiting the middle school History Day projects.  This will be a nice exposure for them to see what will be expected of them when it is their turn.  
Progress reports will be going home this Wednesday.
Lastly, I would like to thank Mrs. Bartolini and Mrs. Gendreau for covering for me last Friday so I could enjoy a catered lunch with my colleagues and for the plant and acrostic poem.  
January 26, 2020
It's Catholic School's week!!!
The school has planned many fun events for the school this week.  
Mon. Student Appreciation Day- student dress down, movie/popcorn, no homework 
Tues. Campus Visit Day- ice cream, Minute to Win it games in the afternoon
Wed. Community Service Day- (we are collecting hats, mittens, and gloves) Pastor Appreciation Day, Our Lady of Guadalupe icon visit, yellow
 dress down day
Thurs. All school Bingo
Fri. Teacher Appreciation Day- teacher dress down, luncheon
Thank you to Mrs. Gendreau for coming on Friday to watch the class while I enjoy a catered luncheon with the rest of the teachers and staff.
The class will not be having a spelling or reading assessment on Friday but they will have their unit 2 Benchmark test on Thursday.  
January 21, 2020
I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.  
The students will have a chapter 4 social studies test on Thursday.  Even though this week is a short week, there will still be spelling and reading tests on Friday.  
Sunday the 26th is our Open House.  This day is for new, prospective families as well as current families.  Feel free to come by and take a peek at your child's classroom for next year.  
The following week begins Catholic School's week.  Ther are many fun activities planned.  More information will come soon.
January 12, 2020
It was a busy week back to school last week.  This week the students will be taking their STAR math assessment.  We will also begin reading On My Honor.  
On Tuesday, the students will be participating in a Step Up day.  This means that grade 5 will move up to middle school and learn about the curriculum and grade expectations. They will be meeting all of their teachers.  I will have grade 4. 
There will be a chapter 9 religion test on Wednesday and a chapter 5 math test on Friday.  We will not be having a reading or spelling test this week.  
January 5, 2020
Happy New Year!!
Welcome back to school and the beginning of a wonderful new year.  We are going to really start kicking it into high gear.  
Our first week back will be our STAR reading assessment and math will be the following week.  The class will have their classroom spelling bee and the top two spellers will go on to the school bee on the 14th.  Parents will be notified so they can come in and watch if they'd like.  Also on the 14th, the whole school will be having a Step-Up day.  That means that grade 5 will visit the middle school teachers and get a feel for what middle school will be like when they become middle schoolers themselves.  Of course, our class is hosting the First Friday mass on the 10th at 9:00 with a brief reception following.
There will be spelling and reading assessments on Friday.  
December 15, 2019
Can you believe this our final week before Christmas?
Remember, Monday is a dress down as a reward for a job well done at the Christmas concert.  
Thursday is our class Christmas party.  Thank you, Mrs. Bartolini and Mrs. Gendreau for organizing the party for the class.  They are very excited.  The secret Santa gift should fall in the range of $5.00 - $10.00.  Speaking of Santa, he will be visiting our classroom between 1:15 and 1:30.  If your child would like to bring in cards to pass out to their classmates, that is great.  I only ask that they do not put names on the envelopes as this makes distribution a bit challenging.
Friday is another dress down.  It is a red and green day.
I hope you all have the merriest of Christmas' and a very Happy New Year.
December 7, 2019
Report cards will be sent home this week.  
The class will have a chapter 4 math test on Tuesday and that will be the only test this week.  We will be visiting the Elf Shop on Monday morning.  Thursday will be spent at the church all day rehearsing for the Christmas concert being held that night.  
Students need to arrive at the church by 6:00 on Thursday night and meet me downstairs in the church hall.  All students must stay until the end of the concert and will be dismissed to their parents upstairs.
December 1, 2019
I hope you all had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving.
On Tuesday we are scheduled to attend the State House with the chorus and after their performance, we will be given a guided tour of the State House.  We will then go to Casserta's Pizza for lunch. Mrs. Gagnon will have the permission slips and cost available Monday.  I will send them home and unfortunately, due to the lateness, I ask that you are vigilant in returning the slips immediately the next morning as that is the day of our trip.
We will begin our Advent services this Wednesday and every Wednesday until our Christmas break.  
Please feel free to join us for an open PTO meeting on Friday morning at 7:30 followed by mass at 9:00.
The class will have their usual reading and spelling assessments on Friday.  We will also begin activities to help us with the Geo Bee that will be held on December 13.
November 24, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 

November 16, 2019
I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  This upcoming week is a full week of school and therefore, the class will have their usual reading and spelling assessments on Friday.  
We will be wrapping up our universe science unit this week. The test will be next Tuesday the 26th.
Lastly, we will begin our History Book Clubs this week.
November 9, 2019
I am so looking forward to seeing Frozen Jr. this Saturday.  The students have been working tirelessly and I'm sure will put on a tremendous show.
The class was EXTREMELY excited to receive their own Chromebooks.  These are something that the students should bring back and forth to school with them and are to only be used for school and educational purposes.  Students are not allowed to decorate the Chromebooks or cases either.
As you know there is no school on Tuesday due to parent-teacher conferences.   This day will become an E-day for the students.  That means that I have assigned an electronic assignment that must be completed by the time they return to school on Wednesday.  The students are already aware of this but since it is the first time we have done this, a reminder or two may be needed.
Our Veteran's Day assembly was so nice.  It was heartwarming to see so many people participate.  A special thank you to the Laflamme family, the O'Rourke family and the Gojcz family for coming in to share your stories.
The class will have a chapter 16 religion test on Thursday and their chapter 3 social studies test on Friday.  They have their study guide for social studies and will receive one for religion next week.
November 3, 2019
While I was away last week, I was told by the sub that the class was very well behaved. 
Since this week is tech week for the play and most of the class is involved in some shape or form, I will be going light on homework.  The students will receive only math for homework this week.  
As previously mentioned, the class will have its first unit benchmark test this week.  I have separated it into three different sections as to not overwhelm the students.  I will not be giving a reading or spelling assessment this Friday.  However, in the interest of staying on schedule, there will be a chapter 3 math test on Wednesday.  
We will begin reading Something Upstairs by Avi so please remind your child to bring it in.
For those students who are a part of my Crazy 8's Math Club, we will be meeting on Tuesday after school. 
As a reminder, the Explorers report is due November 15.
The parent conference sign up sheet will be sent out soon.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you need a different time to meet.  I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.
Campus Visit Day is Tuesday, November 5.  Every student who brings in a friend to shadow for the day will receive a dress down on Wednesday.  If you plan on having someone come in, please send me a quick email so I can have a desk set up for him/her.
October 26, 2019
As I mentioned in my last post, I will be out  Mon.-Thurs. of this week.  I will be Massachusetts on a NEASC visit.  The class will have one sub for the four days.  
The class will have a chapter 5 religion test on Wednesday.  There will not be a reading or spelling assessment this Friday.  However, we will begin our unit benchmark testing on the following Monday.  I will be breaking it down into 3 parts as not to overwhelm the students.
Don't forget the Halloween party this Thursday. No need to purchase lunch that day as the class will have hot pizza for lunch along with other assorted foods.
The class had a blast at the Halloween party last Friday night.  They did more running than dancing but none the less they had fun.

October 19, 2019
Back to a full week of school which means there will be the usual reading and spelling assessments on Friday.  There will be a chapter 3 social studies vocabulary quiz on Thursday. 
Mid trimester progress reports will be going home Wednesday and Thursday is Unity Day.  Students may dress down in orange in support of this event.  
Friday night from 5:45 - 7:30 is Trick-or-Trunk at the church and the dance is immediately following. I will be chaperoning.  The kids are very excited.
The following week, October 27-31, I will be out of school.  I am a member of a NEASC accreditation team and will be spending the week at a school in Massachusetts.  There will be a sub for the 4 days I'm out.  Should you have any questions or concerns while I'm away, do not hesitate to email me.  I check my email daily. That Thursday is Halloween and Mrs. Bartolini is organizing a class party.  It will be held at lunchtime so there is no need to purchase a hot lunch for your child that day. 
I just learned that our field trip to the State House has been booked for a date in December.  More details will be given as they become available to me.
Have a great week!!

October 11, 2019
Happy Columbus Day!
Since it is a short week, we will not be having a reading or spelling assessment on Friday.  
The class will, however, have a science test Thursday and a chapter 2 math test on Friday.
We will begin our Circle of Grace religion program this week.  Last week your child should have brought home a description of the program and an opt-out slip.
Please send in a sugar pumpkin on Tuesday as we will be conducting our activity on Tuesday afternoon.
Currently, we are reading The Julian Chapter in class together.  We will then move onto Something Upstairs.  Please have your child bring in his/her copy next week.  Thank you! 
October 5, 2019
 If you could please provide your child with a small pumpkin (sugar pumpkin) to be used on Tuesday the 15th for a science activity, that would be greatly appreciated.
There will be a chapter 3 religion test on Thursday the 10th and as usual a reading a spelling assessment on Friday.  
The school will be having Trick or Trunk on Friday the 25th.  On that same night, there will be a school dance in the church hall and grade 5 is invited.  This is the one dance for the year that grade 5 will be allowed to attend.  We will be inviting other Warwick catholic schools as well.
September 28, 2019
Please join us for First Friday Mass this Friday at 9:00 here at school.  
This week the class will have a chapter 1 math test on Wednesday and a chapter 2 social studies test on Thursday.  They were given a study guide for social studies last week.  They will also have their weekly reading and spelling assessments on Friday.  
September 21, 2019
We raised $133.00 at the bake sale.  Thank you to everyone who brought in baked goods.
This week the class will once again have a reading and spelling assessment on Friday.  There will also be a chapter 2 religion test on Wednesday.  

September 14, 2019
As I mentioned at Open House, the class will be taking their STAR reading assessment Monday morning and their STAR math assessment Friday morning.  That means there will not be a spelling or weekly reading assessment on Friday.  
There will be a chapter 1 religion test on Wednesday and chapter 2 social studies vocabulary quiz on Friday.
We will begin our first literature circle using the book Pedro's Journal.  The class will also be working on their first personal narrative writing piece.
September 8, 2019
Welcome back to the first full week of school.  As I have explained to the class, we will begin full force this week.  That means they will have their first reading and spelling assessments this Friday.  We do these every Friday.  They will also have homework.  I typically give 3 subjects per night.  Always math and language arts and I mix it up between social studies, science, and religion.   
We have our school pictures being taken on Wednesday morning.  That is a gym day for us so please have your child wear his/her school uniform and bring their gym uniform so they can change after their photo is taken.  We will also be visiting the book fair on Wednesday and there is a Paul Effman demonstration Thursday afternoon.
We will be having an Ice Cream Social Tuesday after school.

Please join us for our first First Friday mass this Friday at 9:00 in the school gymnasium.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday from 6-8 at our school Open House.  At that time I will further discuss classroom policies and expectations.
Our class schedule looks like this:
Mon:  No specials
Tues:  Computer, gym
Wed: Gym
Thurs: Art, Spanish
Fri: Music, Spanish

August 29, 2019
I can't believe how quickly the summer has passed and that a new school year will once again begin.  I'm looking forward to a productive and fun new year.
Please make sure your child returns his/her non-fiction book report on the first day of school.

I have been using an app called Remind for the last several years.  It is an app that allows us to communicate with each other via text messaging.  You can register using the site below.  I will discuss this in more detail at Open House.

Every year, at the Back to School Cook-out, grade 5 has hosted a bake sale.  We will once again be doing so.  The cook-out is Friday, September 13 at 5:30.  This year the funds will be going towards our end of the year field trip to Boston.  Seeing as how the class is smaller this year, the cost of the trip might be a bit higher than you're used to paying for a field trip.  The cost of the bus is the bulk of the cost.  Therefore, Mrs Izzi has graciously allowed us to fund raise for this trip.  If you can bake or purchase a baked good for the sale, please send me an email so I can start a list.  I will share the list with you as I begin to add to it.

If you are interested in being the class room parent, please send me an email.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Open House on the 12th of September.  I will be discussing my classroom procedures and expectations. I am also looking forward to having a fantastic school year.  


God Bless,
Mrs. Wildenhain

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