Hola! I am Senora Gomez. My goal for the year is to create wonderful lasting memories for your child. By exposing the children to Spanish, my hope is that they will grow to love and appreciate the Spanish language, its rich culture and many wonderful traditions.

   Students in grades Pre K3 to K receive 30 minutes of Spanish instruction once a week. Every year your child will learn new vocabulary and structures along with fun songs, chants, games and stories.

   They will learn the basics such as body parts, colors, numbers, shapes, greetings and simple commands, and gradually move on from the basics to more complex structures.

   Learning a language takes a lot of practice! That is exactly what we will be doing! We will be recalling what was learned from previous years with grades that had Spanish before, adding new vocabulary and extra practice as we move along.

   I invite you to be part of your child's learning by simply asking them what they do every week in the Spanish class, checking homeworks, or just by listening to the fun songs, or words and phrases they learn. 
For me, learning should be fun, and most of all, meaningful. I hope we all have a great school year full of goals achieved and good memories shared. Hasta la vista!

   Hola de nuevo! In this second trimester we are working on learning words for food and drinks starting Pre k 3 until 4th grade. We are practicing structures like "Me gusta_" / "No me gusta_" when talking about food we like or dislike. We will role play short conversations ordering food in a restaurant or a grocery store. So whenever they go to a Mexican or Spanish restaurant they might be able to remember how to order in Spanish!

   5th Grade practiced a lot vocabulary and expressions connected to the school and the classroom. We applied the TPR approach for commands and basic expressions in Spanish, and they had a lot of fun by playing "Simon dice"! They are being introduced to the conjugation of verbs and they started with the action verbs ending in _ar.

   6th Grade learned the verb "ESTAR" in the present tense and now we are working on "THE TIME" . How to ask and tell the time in Spanish. They made their own clocks, and let me tell you they like to compete by telling the time faster and more accurate!

   7th and 8th Grade worked on the following themes: La Familia, La Clase y la Escuela, focusing on the use of vocabulary in context, introducing basic grammar in meaningful situations. We will start this week with action verbs finishing in _ar, their meaning and conjugation. 8th graders made their own Bingo cards in Spanish and they enjoyed the prizes.

   By bringing real life like situations to the classroom, I believe students feel more motivated to learn. So we will continue having fun in Spanish!

   Nos vemos pronto!                                                                          2/2/16

La mascota visitando el Club de Espanol!

5th Grade watching "El Lorax" en Espanol

1st Grade students role-playing short conversations
"At the Supermarket" in Spanish

They put into practice vocabulary for food,
drinks and numbers

     Hola! Como estan? I wanted to share more pictures from our class. We started using tablets with 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade, covering the themes and lessons they already know. 7th and 8th did a great job singing "Hello" by Adele in Spanish. And we will start using the tablets also with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade next week! There are so many websites and apps students can visit to practice, learn or test their Spanish. I hope they do it at home too!


6th grade practicing telling the time in Spanish. Que hora es? 

At the Spanish Club students learned some words and phrases for "Dia de San Valentin" They had fun having some candies as they found the meaning of words in the dictionary. 

This group es muy divertido!

Isabelle and Emerson were really fast
looking up words in the dictionary!

And these are the students who never miss 
any of the classes at the club!

6th grade had a FIESTA on Wednesday.. 
We shared some nachos and salsa con queso. Fue muy delicioso!!

Gracias Paige por los cupcakes!

5th graders showing their work

8th grade using tablets 

5th grade reviewing lessons with the tablets

This group of 1st graders es muy divertido!

Eleanor showing her work... Muy bien!

And they are getting better and better!

       Hola Amigos! here are some more pictures of 4th grade and 2nd grade using tablets in the Spanish class. 

     Rosebuds, Pre K 4 and K learned this week about the weather. They learned words like:
     Hace calor/frio
     Hace sol
     LLuvia/ viento / nieve

    They also learned a new song "Estrellita" (Twinkle Twinkle little Star in Spanish)
    We will start learning words for clothes next week and we will have a fashion show!

    1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade will cover school items and weather starting next week.
    5th graders are learning how to make sentences negative and also how to change them into questions.
    7th and 8th grade will start reviewing how to ask and tell the time in Spanish.

                                                                                                                       Nos vemos pronto!  3/9/16

     Buenos dias!! Como estan? This week in the Spanish class we will talk about Easter traditions in South America. We will continue reviewing weather words and expressions, the seasons and the clothes we wear. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th will continue working with classroom vocabulary and the weather. 5th grade will enjoy a movie in Spanish as well as 6th grade. 7th and 8th will be tested on a movie they already watched and will start new units reviewing the spelling of numbers and time expressions.

     Last week, at the Spanish Club, students had the chance to decorate some Easter eggs, talk about traditions in different parts of the world during Easter, and they also tried some delicious Easter sweet bread! Here are some pictures...

Fiesta por el dia de San Patricio? 7th grade


         Buenos dias! As we get closer to the end of the school year, I wanted to share some of the activities we had on April and May in the Spanish classes.

          From Rosebuds to 6th grade, we also had our reading week, but with books in Spanish! 

Here is 1st Grade showing some reading:

5th Grade also enjoyed the books! 
They were very interested in them!

PK3, k4 and k5 learned body parts and face parts.
They enjoyed singing "Cabeza, hombros, rodillas, pies"
We also played "Simon dice" 

1st Grade also showing their work!
They drew their ojos, orejas, boca y nariz!

We had a fun Fiesta for 5 de mayo with 6th, 7th and 8th Grade
They learned about The Battle of Puebla and about
some traditions Mexican people have.


7th Grade were very well organized! Everybody brought
some delicious snacks to share! GRACIAS!!

 And special THANKS to all the families who sent the food
to make 5 de mayo a fun day!! GRACIAS AGAIN!!

  The Spanish Club shared a Feliz Cumpleanos with Isabelle
for 5 de mayo!!!

 Nos vemos pronto! 5/16/16

                                                 Image result for 2016-2017 school year
                                        Bienvenidos 2016 - 2017

        Welcome back to school!! Bienvenidos!! I hope you all enjoyed your Verano y Vacaciones! We are all ready to start practicing our Spanish and I really hope your children bring back home what they learn here at Saint Rose!

       Let me tell you that our little Rosebuds, K4 and K5 kids are all excited about getting new words and phrases in Spanish. They learned new ways of greeting, and also a new song, "Como te llamas?". They did fantastic introducing themselves in Spanish! We are reviewing numbers from 1 to 10 and from 1 to 20 already! We will start reviewing colors and shapes next week.

       In grades 1,2,3 and 4 we are also reviewing basic vocabulary and phrases they learned last year. They will keep adding new fun words as we move along during the school year. 

       On October 11th, we will have our Grade 3 perform a skit celebrating Columbus Day and it will be in Spanish and in English!! It will be fantastico!

       Grades 5,6,7, and 8 will start using their textbooks this week, following the Spanish curriculum for L1.

       Spanish Club will be back again this year for grades 5 and up, starting October. Nos vemos pronto!!!

                                                              Image result for 2016-2017 school year spanish

                      JOIN THE SPANISH CLUB!

                                   It’s fun!

                            Es muy divertido!


What: Hispanic Culture and Spanish Language

Where: Multipurpose room

Who: Anyone interested is welcome to join! (starting Grade 5)

When: October 6, November 3, December 1, January 12, February 9, March 9, April 6, May 4 and June 8.

Time: 2:00 – 2:45     


Nos vemos! 

Senora Gomez

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       Hola padres y amigos! We are almost finishing the first trimester and I want to remind you that we are closing grades next week. Starting Grade 3 students evaluations include the following: 

       1. Work in class

       2. Participation

       3. Homework


       I will be posting the grades on Plusportal this week, but most grades have seen their progress so far in Spanish. In case there are any missing assignments, students are contacted and reminded of their responsibility presenting them in case the are absent. I have sent some notes on their Agendas reminding them to bring all the materials they need for Spanish classes. I ask you to please always sign those notes in case your kid gets one. You will be contacted in the event they are not signed.

       I'm very glad to share some pictures of our successful presentation we had last Tuesday October 11th. Grade 3 gave us a joyful performance both in English and Spanish, representing Christopher Columbus' Journey to the Americas. All students did their best and excelled also in Spanish. A special thanks to Ms. Liddle who helped us and supported us from the very beginning! It wouldn't have been the same without her help! Muchas gracias!!

They started with a fun poem everybody enjoyed!

Cristobal Colon arriving to San Salvador

Some of our actors

The three students who portrayed Christopher Columbus

The Kings and Queen

The translators and narrators

They did a fantastic job!!

Muy bien!!

Spanish into practice

Awesome job translators!

They had such fun!

Thanks Ms. Liddle for the cool boats!

Colon spotting land

And here they are! Muchas gracias!


       Buenos dias! Como estan? Report cards are sent next week and it's been a very productive and successful first trimester for Spanish! We are working very smoothly with grade 5 with the transition into Spanish Grammar. It's been tough at the beginning but students are already understanding how grammatical structures work in this language. Always learning about traditions and cultures of Spanish speaking countries, and what makes it fun is the hands-on activities! Students always love that and will remember the connection to language.

       Starting grade 3, students learned about Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican tradition celebrated every November 2nd. They learned vocabulary, activities, music, food and most important, the meaning of this special holiday. They even prepared their own Calaveras and Calacas and decorated them. Grade 6 prepared altars labeling each item in it in Spanish. Below are some pictures of them working on their projects.

We had a great time at the Trick or Trunk event at the parish and here we have some princesses who visited our Day of the Dead trunk.

Miss Liddle joined the theme and we were the Catrinas for the night.

It was a lot of fun!!

       Rosebuds, Pre k and Kindergarten learned about the weather, and they know a new song about it. Just start asking "Que tiempo hace hoy? and they should sing along! They love it! They also learned La familia and each member in it including abuelo and abuela. 
There is also two new songs they enjoy, and are: "Casa loca" and " Estrellita". Rosebuds students already know how to count until 10 in Spanish and they also remember most of the prayer "Gloria" which is Glory be in English. I am very proud of each of them! Pre K can count until 20! and Kindergaten until 30! Wow, they are fast learners! They know all their colors and shapes, and also different ways of greeting people during different times of the day.

       Grade 1 enjoys story time so much, and they are great singers too! They learned "Ave Maria", in English Hail Mary. And they can say it almost perfectly! We are working with the spelling of words in Spanish with grade 2 and 3. Introducing more vocabulary and sentences little by little. 

       Christmas songs like "Noche de Paz" and "Feliz Navidad" are heard in all grades as we practice for the most exciting time of the year.

       I hope you enjoy them at home too!

Hasta pronto!


It’s fun!

Es muy divertido!


What: Hispanic Culture and Spanish Language

Where: Multipurpose room

Who: Anyone interested is welcome to join! (starting Grade 4!!!)

When: December 21, January 11, February 8, March 15, April 12, and May 17.

Time: 2:00 – 2:45                        

 Nos vemos!

                                                    Senora Gomez

                                                                                 Image result for feliz navidad images

Image result for noche de paz letra
          Hola! I'm posting today some of the pictures we took during Spanish Club and with grades 3 and 8 doing some Navidad activities. Nos vemos pronto!

Image result for separation line symbol

       Buenos dias!! Here we have some moments shared with Pre K working on our Arana (spider). They learned the song "La pequena arana", in English, "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

       We are working on learning the alphabet in Spanish now starting Pre K! So they learned a new song called "Orale el Alfabeto". It is a different version of the popular ABC song and you can find it on youtube. (Orale el Alfabeto by Basho and friends) 

       Grades 1 through 4 also learned the 30 letters of the Spanish alphabet and their phonemes. They had fun pronouncing la CH, la N (enhe), la LL y la RR. Ohhh they loved rolling their tongues and singing "A para Abrazar" Song by Dr. Jean and "Orale el alfabeto" by Basho and Friends.

       Here are some pictures of grade 3 practicing their words and phrases by using their vocabulary flashcards they made. They test one another and they also have fun playing memory game!

          Spanish is fun!!!                                1-24-17