Homeroom:  Earn that Service Cord to wear at  graduation!  Remember to have your service record signed by the supervisor of the activity.
                         Please check the middle school bulletin board for cord requirements.
Permission forms for Field Day and the Walk-a-thon are due NOW.
The Commencement Banquet Form has been sent home. Please note that there are no limits this year on the number of guests who can be invited.
Please  continue to save Box Tops.   Each Box Top earns $0.10 for St. Rose School!  Not clipping those Box Tops is like throwing dimes in the garbage or recycle bin.  Proceeds from the Boxtops collections are used to support technology purchases.
Students may bring in their Box Tops at any time.

Math Textbook Information:  Listed below is the textbook information needed to order math textbooks for grade 7 and 8  math classes from your city or town.  No grade 6 textbooks need to be ordered. No grade 7 pre-algebra texts will need to be ordered.

Grade 7 Standard Math                                              Grade 8 Algebra 1
Title: Holt Mathematics: Course 2                             Title: Glencoe Algebra 1, student edition
Author:                                                                        Author:   Holiday
ISBN:  0030385121                                                     ISBN:  0078651131
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston                      Publisher:  Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

Crochet Club:  A club for middle school students interested in learning the needlecraft skill of crochet has been formed.  Students may visit with Mrs. Morse during indoor recess days as she is available for instruction and practice.  Practice kits containing a ball of yarn and a crochet hook will be available for students.  Students are also encouraged to bring their own crochet hook or yarn.  Once students are competent with basic crochet stitches the goal will be to use donated yarn to create simple scarves, hats, or blankets for those in need.  Crocheting is a great stress reducing activity and this group is an opportunity to get to know classmates in a non-academic and non-competitive atmosphere.
Great resources to learn crochet by video or print instructions can be found by following the links below.

Math Team News: 

This year's State Competition was held at CCRI in Warwick on Saturday, March 31.  St Rose School was well represented by:

Ella Olea
Paige Johnson
Darian Clay
Lucas Fleury
Calista Aguinaldo

Approximately 165 middle school mathletes participated in the rigorous competition. Congratulations to Paige Johnson who was St. Rose School's high scorer and who placed in the top third of participating students.

 Grade 6:
Students have been working in Chapter 11 and focus on ratio , rate, and proportion. Proportion is an important concept for further work in mathematics and problem solving. The test on rate/ratio/and proportion will be given on Wednesday.  Students should be completing their study guide over the weekend.  Our next chapter will apply the skills/concepts of proportion to percent.

STAR Math Testing took place on Monday , May 14 during math class.  Please note that the results of this STAR Math Testing will be used as one of several data points to determine each student's placement in grade 7/8 math.

A great resource to practice skills to review  is the website  www.thatquiz.org.  Students should know how to navigate this site from classwork.

Homework is recorded in the student's agenda. Something should be written for math in the agenda each day. If there is no homework assigned I direct students to write " No Homework".   

How can you help your child with math?  Share with your child times that you have to write out a number using words. For example; show your child how you write out a check.  This give them a real life application of what we are discussing in the classroom.  Challenge your child to estimate the cost of groceries or the restaurant bill by rounding each of the individual prices.  Allow your child to add/subtract decimal numbers. Let your child take measurements both linear with a measuring tape and liquid when you are cooking.  Challenge them to estimate measurements.  Discuss the meaning of negative numbers with temperature.
Show how fractions are used in cooking or crafts.  Discuss your student's sports performance in terms of a ratio. Students were shown how to determine their batting average. 

Grade 7 Prealgebra: 
We have begun Chapter 8 which focuses on functions and linear equations.  The graphing website www.desmos.com will be used to reinforce concepts as well as introduce students to graphing software.
This week we will apply the concept of slope to rate of change.  Students will then explore the slope/intercept form of a linear equation.  A quiz on sections 1,2,3 is scheduled for Monday and a quiz on sections 4,5 is scheduled for Thursday.

Grade 8 Algebra:
We are now working in our final chapter (chapter 12) which focuses on rational expressions and equations. This week we will be exploring Additon/Subtraction/Mutiplication/and Division of rational expressions.  We will also explore division of polynomials using the long division algorithm.  A quiz on sections 1,2,3,4 is scheduled for Wednesday.
STAR Math Testing was completed on Monday , May 14 during math class.  Please note that for grade 8 students, the results of this STAR Math testing may be requested for placement purposes by their high school.

 Help Session Schedule:   I am available in the morning at 7:30am on Tuesday.  
 Please note that this is subject to change when I have a morning  meeting that I must attend. Every effort is given to announce changes in advance.  I am also available during recess by appointment. This means if a student approaches me and requests to meet at recess and I am available I will meet with that student.

Websites to Use/Explore:
 www.thatquiz.org   This site is used for graded homework, the summer packet, and general skill practice.
www.sumdog.com   This site is used for the grade 6 online contests and summer math.
www.khanacademy.org   This site provides tutorials/videos for review/reteaching.
www.conceptispuzzles.com  Fun math stuff!
www.padowan.dk   This site will morph your computer into a graphing calculator.
www.aplusmath.com   This is great site to drill basic skills. It contains online flashcards.
 www.mathisfun.com  This site is suggested by Jon Budzenski
www.aops.com   This is the Mathcounts sponsored problem solving site and offers prealgebra videos.

Graded work will be entered on Rediker as follows:
Test grade entered twice
Quiz grade entered once
Graded homework is averaged at the end of the trimester and entered once.
Homework is a communication tool from the student to the teacher to assess learning. It provides students the opportunity to practice skills and apply concepts from classwork without the pressure of being graded. Homework should be presented on the day it is due.  Homework should be completed in the math notebook and clearly labeled with the page number and problem number.  Work should be included to support solutions. An exception to this is when the directions call for mental computation. Showing the work shows what the student was thinking. Students should be prepared to share and discuss their work under the document projector.
All math should be done in pencil.Please allow sufficient space for each problem and the work. Use a ruler as needed. It is helpful to circle your final answer. Make sure you identify the appropriate unit when needed.