Welcome to Junior High Math with Mrs. Orange

 ANNOUNCEMENTS for the week of May 21 -May 25, 2018. "Be Kind, Be Giving, Be Holy" Thank you for sharing your children with us, they are our gifts. We are always so Thankful for the gifts we have. Please contact me at any time via my school email.  
6TH GRADE:  An ORANGE MATH folder will be sent home biweekly on Fridays.  Please review the Contents with your child, sign and return the Folder And Contents the following Monday.  Thank You.    
All math students have received a password and user name to access their on-line text material.
NOTE: When IXL sections are assigned students should strive to achieve a smart score of 80+.  IXL is also great for Test review.   www.IXL.com


8th GRADE Algebra HW

MON.  Quiz REVISIT Wed &Thurs
WED. none
THURS. none
FRI. none

Mrs. Orange email lorange@saintraphaelparish.com

7th GRADE Pre-Algebra HW

MON. IXL 7 or above smart score of 80+
WED. IXL 7 or above if not completed on MON.
THURS.  none
FRI  none


6th GRADE Math HW

MON. w/s pg 7 #1-32 WOPSAW LL due WED Quiz Wed.
WED. pg 174 as a take home quiz due Thurs
THURS. w/s pg 11 circled probs WOPSAW and SS #32
FRI.  SS Quiz 29-32 Wed.