Welcome to the 6th graders and their families for 2017-18! 
    (This introduction rarely changes. If you're a repeat visitor, scroll down to the Announcements and Assignments sections. That's where the changes are made!)
    My web site is available to inform 6th grade families of upcoming events and homework for the classes I teach. The homework postings are intended to support and not replace the information in the student assignment notebook, which is filled in at the end of each day before prayer. Assignments on this web page will usually be posted the day they are given. There may be days when the site is not updated. If you have any questions, please use a friend as a resource.

     There are days when I am not able to check my e-mail until after the students are dismissed. Please understand that if I receive an e-mail asking me to remind a student about something, the message might not get to the child during the school day.

    My e-mail address is lskonce@saintraphaelparish.com. Please allow me one school day to respond to an e-mail. As a courtesy to my family, I rarely check my school e-mail on weekends or during school breaks. If you do e-mail me over the weekend or during a school break, you should receive a reply by Monday afternoon. 

    Thank you for trusting your child to us at St. Raphael School.

High Stakes Writing is a formal, complete sentence writing format used for short answers from the textbook as opposed to answers written on the worksheet or in a notebook. High Stakes writing is always typed or written on looseleaf, never torn from a spiral notebook. The following criteria are used in grading High Stakes Writing, using the acronym R.A.C.E.:
  • Restate the question
  • Answer the question correctly
  • Cite specific evidence from the text to support your answer (use captions and photographs as well, if applicable)
  • Edit for proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
This information is also in the students composition social studies notebook.

Middle Stakes Writing is usually done when the question is on the paper, such as on a worksheet. There usually isn't room for the student to rewrite the question in the limited space on the paper and write the answer, so I have the students answer the question without restating the question. Spelling counts, and if the student writes a sentence for the response, it needs to start with a capital letter and end with the appropriate punctuation.


  • Students will need to bring their lunch on Friday, Aug. 25.
  • The hot lunch program will begin Monday, Aug. 28.
  • Earbuds will be needed this year for sure!
  • Camp Christopher permission forms and camp fee is due Monday, Sept. 11.

Room 6A Homework and Adventures






ONGOING: Students are expected and encouraged to develop independent study habits for success in high school and college. To that end, even when specific vocabulary homework is not  assigned, students are to study the words daily. The earlier the students get into the habit of daily study, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes, the bigger the benefits will be when the subject material is foreign language or really really tough math and science!





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