October 2, 2017
                          Room 4A    

Please remember to check RenWeb on a regular basis to make sure your child is staying up to date with their assignments and grades.                                                                     

Please remember that the information on this website is to serve as a classroom communication aide. Please check with your child, the daily information in his or her agenda, plus the Saint Raphael school website for updates and changes.  Please make sure to check all three 4th grade websites for important information from your child's teachers!

                                               ROOM 4A SPECIAL SCHEDULE

                                                        Monday ~ Music 9:05
                                                        Tuesday ~ Computer 10:35; Gym 2:35
                                                        Wednesday ~ NONE
                                                         Thursday ~ Library 10:35
                                                         Friday ~ Art 9:05

IMPORTANT EVENTS (Subject to Change) 

10/2  1:00 Virtual Lourdes Pilgrimage
10/6  Interims (Only for C- or lower in 4th Grade)
10/13  NO SCHOOL
10/24  All School Mass 9:15
10/27  Last Day of Qtr. 1


  • https://orders.scholastic.com/GMP3Y 

    ACCELERATED READER - 8 points required for Qtr. 1 

    • What the highlighting on the report means:
    1. Quizzes Taken/Passed - this lets you know how many quizzes your child has taken and how many they have passed. 
    2. Points Earned/Allowed - this lets you know how many current points your child has earned out of the total number points that were available  
    3. Questions (%) - this tells you the average % of questions your child is answering correctly.  THIS SHOULD BE IN THE UPPER 80's AT LEAST!
    4. ATOS BL - this is the average book level your child is selecting.  For example, 4.7 means fourth grade, seventh month. 
    ACCELERATED READER QUIZZES WILL BE EVERY FRIDAY.  Students have plenty of other opportunities during the week to take them as well.

    THIS WEEK IN...... 

    READING  ~  Unit 1 ~ Week 3 CONTINUED
        Essential Question:  How do people respond to natural disasters?
        Genre:  Expository Text (provides facts and details about a topic, may have headings     and subheadings to help readers locate information, may include text features such as     photographs, maps, or graphs)
        Story:  "A World of Change" (Reading/Writing Workshop) and "Earthquakes"
                     (Literature Anthology)
        Skills:  Context Clues, Comprehension, Fluency, Reread, Compare and Contrast
            alter~  to make different or change
            collapse~  to fall down or cave in
            crisis~  a difficult or dangerous situation
            destruction~  great damage or ruin
            hazard~  something that can cause harm or injury
            severe~  very harsh or serious
            substantial~  of a great amount or size
            unpredictable~  not able to tell beforehand

    • Unit 6 ~ Review Unit
    • Basic Words: afraid, past, drain, says, break, sale, crayon, fact, stale, steak, member, gleam, freedom, steam, believe, speck, cheap, greed, reason, chief, skill, crime, grind, flight, build, ditch, decide, sigh, remind, built, wrote, fellow, coast, odd, owe, host, shock, remote, boast, globe, wait, weight, peek, peak, heal, sent, scent, cent, miner, minor, creature, restaurant, champion, principal, principle, fraction, recognize, advice, bonus, accomplish
    • Review Words:  
    • Challenge Words:  
    RELIGION ~   
        Unit 1 ~ We Come to Know God
                Chapter 2 ~ God Speaks to Us in Scripture  (pages 11-16)
                 Faith Focus:  God reveals His love in the Old and New Testaments.

                Shrine Reflection
               ~ writing a paragraph about our Shrine experience

    HEALTH ~   

            Chapter 1 ~ Lesson 5:  Skin, Hair, and Nail Care (pages 18-22)
                ~Students will learn about the layers of the skin, the purpose and ways to care for
                skin, hair, and nails