Welcome to Room 1B - Miss Peskura

Find Joy in the Journey 2016-2017
Jesus Others You

About Our Class Schedule

Our Specials

Monday:  Computer 1:00 - 1:45

Tuesday:  Gym 1:00 -1:45

Wednesday:  Art 1:00-1:45

Thursday:  Music 1:00-1:45

Friday:  Library 9:50 10:35

Upcoming Events:

May 23rd- Retreat Day

May 24th- STEM Day

May 25th - Prayer Walk

May 29th - No School

May 30th - Zoo Field Trip

Spelling Words

-No more Spelling Tests! 

High Frequency Words List

-No more Spelling Tests!

Behavior Management System 

- Every day your child will be coming home with a colored box on their calendar to indicate how their day was.  Below, I will show what each color represents and what kind of day that color means.  In the case of an orange or red day, I will contact you about your child’s behavior.

Pink Day – Super Student – beyond excellent day! 

Purple Day – Great Job – did a great job all day long!

Blue Day – Good Job – did a good job throughout the day!  

Green Day – Ready to Learn – Every student begins the day on green.  Sometimes students do not move from this position but it shows that they had a good day all day long. 

Yellow Day – Think About It – the student needed a reminder to stop doing a behavior but continued the behavior (did not stop talking, not following directions, etc.) 

Orange Day – Teacher’s Choice – student has continued to not change their behavior resulting in the teacher choosing a consequence 

Red Day – Parent Contact – student did not change behavior throughout the day;  student’s behavior was so severe it prompted a parent contact