Welcome to the SPC Year 8 Science. Mrs Bourne's class is in Lab 1 and her office is in the Library. We have science in the following timetable slots:

Thursday Day 4 Period 2
Friday Day 5 Period 4
Tuesday Day 7 Period 1
Wednesday Day 8 Period 4

Course Outline for 2015
This year, we cover four units of work; one each term. They are:
Unit 1 - Cells and Plants
Unit 2 - Alchemy - a chemistry unit
Unit 3 - When things go wrong - a unit of work focusing on the human body
Unit 4 - Energy and Forces


There are four assessment tasks that we will work through this year.

Text Book

We have access to some fantastic science resources this year from a company called Werks Publishing. Please follow these steps to get going with your Apps:
  1. You will need a username and password - we will give you an account early next week.
  2. Browse to this website https://activation.werkzpublishing.com/site/login. We will visit this site throughout the year  - ADD to your HOMESCREEN 
    • (Add the Year 8 Science website to your home-screen too.)
  3. Look for these three apps and add install them:
Werkz Introduction to Science

Werkz Plants

    4. Open each App - you will need your username and password to activate the Apps.

We will install more; but for now, lets get going with these two.
In addition, The library will give you a copy of the following book

Haire, M., Kennedy, E., Lofts, G., & Evergreen, M. J. (2004). Core science (2nd ed ed.). Milton, Qld.: Jacaranda.