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The study of Information and Software Technology aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to solve problems in real life contexts. By yourself and learning with others, you will engage in processes of analysing, designing, producing, testing, documenting, implementing and evaluating information and software technology-based solutions. Creative, critical and meta-cognitive thinking skills will developed through practical involvement in projects. Core knowledge of IST aims to provide specialised knowledge of past, current and emerging technologies, data, hardware, software and people involved in the field of information and software technology. The course will also cover legal, ethical, social and industrial issues.

Topic 3 – Internet and Website Development


Getting the most out of this course

Design and Technology uses a project-based approach to learning (PBL). This means that all the course content is taught through projects. There are 3 projects; each one lasts about 11 weeks.

All projects have a documentation component and this is where you demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of concepts covered throughout the course. All projects have a practical component – a product that must be designed and created. This is where you demonstrate your design and making skills.
The key to success with Design and Technology is consistency. The projects are designed to sustain an 11 week teaching program and there is no way they can be done in a few nights before the due dates. Much of the project work that you hand in for assessments is done during class time. So working consistently and maximising your class time will reduce your stress levels, help you to enjoy the course and will earn you good marks.