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Scientist of the Week (3rd Quarter)

Periodic Power

The Plastics

Karli, Jennylee, Quincey, Olivia, DaVonnah

Scientist of the week

March 15, 2013


This week’s scientist of the week is Noah in 8th grade. Mrs. McDowell chose Noah because he has memorized the entire periodic table and their symbols. He also knows where each one is. The periodic table is very advanced for an 8th grader. Way to go Noah, keep up the good work!


Super Scientist

By the Five Friends

Jai, Abram, Will, Sam, Sidney

March 8, 2013


Keegan Prescott is the super scientist of this week. This is his second year going to the Regional Science Fair. He got rewarded for most excellent work. Keegan has a great mind for science and Mrs. McDowell is very proud of him. Great job with your success Keegan!


Scientist of The Week

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Close Calls

Sean, Danny, Ryan, Zane, and Ian

            For scientist of the week we asked Mrs. McDowell since she is the middle school science teacher. When we asked she hesitated because she has such great students. After all that thinking she choose Sidney.  Mrs. McDowell said, “I picked Sidney because she is always trying hard to understand science and she is participating in the science bowl and she is taking her science fair project to regional’s.”  We also asked Sidney why she thought she deserved this accomplishment and she said, “ because I participate in all the extra science activities.”

Science Wiz!

The Close Calls

Zane, Ryan, Ian, Sean, Danny

January 25, 2013

       In week 3 of publishing class we, The Close Calls, had scientist of the week to write about.  We asked Mrs. McDowell if she had any recommendations for students to be scientist of the week.  Mrs. McDowell  said she had to think about but when she thought of who it should be she said Emily Houser.  She said she picked Emily because she always tries her hardest to do certain things.  Mrs. McDowell also said she has a good understanding in science in general.  We thought that the most interesting thing that Mrs. McDowell said is that Emily is always willing to participate in her class which a lot of kids are afraid of doing. 


Science Questions
January 13, 2012

By: The Baconators
Carina, Mavery, Dominic, Logan, Caleb

The Scientist of the week is...Gracie Collins! Mrs.McDowell chose her because of her theories. Gracie says "I'm not really "good" at it. Gracie knows asking questions is the way.

Good job Gracie!


Science Wiz

By: Flaming Zombie Ninjas

Matthew, Blayze, Thomas, Savannah, DeSean

March 8, 2013


Science fair came by again, only this time, it was Regionals. Some of our own students have participated in this wondrous event. 

“I was excited, yet nervous,” said Keegan. He got second place and also won the Air Force award.

“I felt nervous, but excited,” said Emily H. who won third place.

“It was fun, but I was nervous at first,” said Carina. She won first place and the Naval award and is moving on to State.

Sidney and Crispin also participated and placed 3rd. They all did an outstanding job! Let us all cheer Carina on as she goes to the State Science Fair.


Chilly Carina

By: The Plastics

Quincey, Karli, Jennylee, Davonnah, Olivia

February 8, 2013

Carina is our “Scientist of the Week.” She won 1st place overall in sixth grade along Will, but sadly Will wasn’t able to speak with us. Carina's project idea was to see what the fastest way was to chill a bottle of water. We asked her “how do you feel about winning 1st?” she replied “Very HAPPY!”  “How did you come up with this idea?” Carina said “I am tired of waiting for a cold bottle of water!” Congratulation to all the winners of the Science Fair! 


Scientific Student

By: The 5 Friends

Will, Sam, Abram, Jia, Sidney

January 18, 2013

When we asked Mrs. McDowell who she thought the scientist of the week should be, she responded Tucker Bruinsma. She said that he is always asking questions about science wanting to know more about something that is going on in class. She also said that he likes to go home and research more scientific things on his own. When we interviewed him he said that he really enjoyed science and that it is his favorite subject. He will be in the science fair on February 16, 2013 at St. Patrick School. Don't miss it!