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Good Samaritan of the Week

 Each week one of our St. Patrick School students is nominated to be the Good Samaritan of the Week. These students have gone above and beyond to help out a friend, teacher, staff member, or family member without even being asked.
Time To Clean Up

September 13, 2013

By: Stella and Cookies Inc.

Emma S., Emma L., Abigail and Stella


Kaeli Davis, in Miss Carney’s 4th Grade Class, was the Good Samaritan for this week. Mrs. Nickels chose her because she stayed after class to clean up the mess in the Art Room. So, we sat down with Kaeli, and asked her how it felt to help and she said that it felt good and if she was able to do it again, she would.  Mrs. Nickels said she was very proud of Kaeli who impressed with her fabulous work.  Good work Kaeli!



5th Grader Does Good Things

August 23, 2013

By: Hayley and the Polar Penguin Poppers

Madeline, Jaden, Kelly, and Hayley


      St.Patricks Good Samaritan of the Week is David, from fifth grade, chosen by his teacher Mrs. Grim. Mrs. Grim chose him to be the Good Samaritan in her class because he has been a class leader. She said, He has been inspiring and helping his classmates ideas grow while writing. He has been helping his friends in other ways, too! If he sees someone left out, he comes to the rescue! He says, You need to include other people no matter what! Good job, David!

Good Samaritan

September 20, 2013

By: Jayden and the Chocolate Basketballs

Simon, Britton, Darryl, Brian and Jayden


For the Good Samaritan we chose Greta in 8th grade because she has been helpful to the school. As an example, if a friend needs help finding things for class she will stop and help them. If a student needs help she’ll stop to help if she has the time to. She does some charity work and she serves Mass when they need her She helps her teachers also when needed. If there’s a little kid in the hall by lost by themselves, she helps them get to where they need to be. Now you know why we chose Greta for Good Samaritan. Thanks for reading!!!


Good Samaritan of the Week

September 6, 2013

By Lili and the Girls’ Generation

Gabby, Mariah, Crispin, and Lili


This week the Good Samaritan of the week is Nadia! Nadia is in the second grade, in Mrs. Olah’s class. The reason Nadia got chosen is because when little kindergartner Julia was sad that she had to leave her sister, Nadia cheered her up. When asked how she felt about being chosen, she said that she was happy about it!  Keep up the good work Nadia!