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Author of the Week (3rd Quarter)

Author of the Week

BY: The Close Calls

Danny, Zane, Sean, Ian, Ryan

March 15, 2013


Middle school teacher Miss Mascari has decided that her author of the week was she said Maggie Mulligan. When we asked her why, she said “She writes well written paragraphs with neat hand writing and great punctuation”. Miss Mascari and many others loved the poems she made in class. Even most of the sixth grade liked them. Maggie was glad that she was author of the week and was happy that her teacher liked her works.



March 1, 2013 

By: The Baconators

Carina, Mavery, Caleb, Logan, and Dominic


             It's a tie!  The "Authors of the Week" are fourth graders, Andrew and Dylan.  They both turned in their Hoosier legends essay early. What a responsible duo!  For the Hoosier legends Andrew will perform as Gus Grissom and Dylan as Damon Bailey.  Both boys enjoy writing but do not prefer a job in it.  Andrew commented that writing is fun.  Come see them and the rest of the fourth grade class perform in the "museum" this spring.  You can learn about famous Hoosiers from right here in Indiana!  More information and dates will arrive soon.   __________________________________

Math’s Author of the Week

February 8, 2013

By The Close calls

Danny, Zane, Sean, Ian, Ryan


    Annie is the seventh grade author of the week for Mr. Brock’s class. Annie writes a lot of good explanations for equations in math. We asked her some questions and she said “I am glad to be author of the week for a math class”. Mr. Brock told us that he chose Annie because her explanations are well written and are often correct. Annie says that she likes her math class and has many friends there. It took a little bit before Mr. Brock chose the author of the week. He told us, “It’s hard for me to decide that because I’m not a reading teacher.” He finally came to a decision after a few minutes. He said “It has to be Annie.”


Reduce, Reuse, Stop Pollution

By: The Baconators

Carina, Mavery, Logan, Caleb and Dominic

January 25, 2013 

            The author of the week is... Ethan! Ethan says he loves to write, especially about him and his brother. For Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Ethan based his story on how he wants to recycle more and stop pollution. Ethan said, "I got the idea from my mom." Ethan's great story hangs in the hall outside Mrs. Plant’s room. When you pass by, stop to read it. Way to go Ethan!


Author Of The Week

January 10, 2013

By: Flaming Zombie Ninjas

DeSean King, Mathew De la cruz, Savannah Hughes, Thomas Cowen, and Blayze Kimble


The author of the week is Taylor C. Taylor C. is an 8th grade student here at St. Pat’s school. In our interview Taylor said “I love to write fiction.” When we ask her why do you like to write? She replies “Because I’m good with my words and vocabulary.”

Well next week you can read all about another Author Of The Week in St. Pats post.

Painting A Picture

March 8, 2013

by: Sam

of the 5 Friends: Jai, Abram, Sam, Sidney & Will

The author of the week this week is Emma L. Emma is a wonderful author because she tells a story very well, says her teacher. 

She also uses great detail and interesting words. She paints a picture in every one's head when she writes. Not only that, but her grammar skills are top-notch. Emma loves to explain everything very well to people and  she loves to write she said. Great job, Emma! 


Author Of The Week

By: Flaming Zombie Ninjas

DeSean, Thomas, Savanna, Blayze, Mathew

February 15, 2013


The author of the week this week is Taylor. Taylor’s writing is amazing says Ms. Mascari. Many of her writings are very interesting and funny. Being selected as Author Of The Week is an honor at Saint Patrick’s school. That means she is a great author.