Some fun links I thought you might like for practice!
Geometric solid game - Solid shape factory
Solid shape song
Short vowel sound practice
Don't forget about First in Math!
We enjoyed delivering our Valentines!
Our Kindergarten play based on the story The Mitten - with a script written by the kindergarten class!

The Mitten

Visit the panda cam at the San Diego Zoo! 

Include gadget (iframe)

Friday, December 9 we had a visit from author Jeanine Norris.  Visit her website at http://jeanninenorris.com/
Happy Thanksgiving
Kindergarten Visiting the Fire Station.

State Representative Warren Kampf with us on National Fossil Day

Kindergarten dressed for the assembly on Monday!

If you are looking for reinforcement activities to do at home with your child, be sure to check out the practice worksheets page.