College Visitation Calendar

Each year, admissions representatives from a variety of colleges and universities visit Saint Mary’s.  The purpose of a visit is to answer questions and respond to comments from students regarding admission requirements, financial aid, housing, and general items relating to the specific campus. 

I strongly encourage college-bound juniors to take advantage of these events.  However, it is important to note that these visits occur during the school day, so students will typically miss a class period to attend a session.  It is critical that juniors not miss a test, quiz, or important assignment in order to attend a college visit.  It is also important for juniors to communicate with their teacher(s) prior to the day of the visit in order to gain permission to miss class, as well as to get any information about make-up work. 

To register for one or more of the upcoming college/university visits, students may sign up on the lists posted on Mr. Nomellini’s door in the Guidance Office.

Note: This list will change frequently as more colleges contact Mr. Nomellini.  Please check Mr. Nomellini's webpage regularly in the fall semester for a list of scheduled college representatives .