AP- 3D

Course Description:
The AP-3D Studio Art course is intended to address sculptural issues. In this course, students will develop a portfolio of artwork demonstrating their understanding of design principles as they relate to depth and space. This course is designed for highly motivated students, serious about art, and possibly planning on pursuing this at a university or art school in the future. The AP-3D course enables students to develop mastery in concept, composition, and execution of 3D design. All works are submitted as digital images for evaluation at the end of the school year. The portfolio consists of three sections: Quality, Breadth and Concentration.  A minimum of 20 sculptural pieces must be completed in the course. One Exhibition Report per quarter is also required.
 Please visit apstudioart.com to view further details and view past student 3D portfolios.
 Summer work (prior to the start of the course) is also required and assigned in May.
Jean Aguilar,
Aug 14, 2012, 2:00 PM