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Here at St. Mary's High School we are dedicated to academic excellence as we prepare our students for college. Students are communicating more and more through technological sources and the need to adapt to their learning curve is more crucial than ever. The iPad supports essential skill areas - and, while it is certainly a dynamic new teaching tool, it will not replace the special teacher-student relationship at the heart of a St. Mary's classroom.

Thank you for your support as our school community continues to evolve the way in which we deliver the highest quality academic experience for our young people.

SMHS - 1:1 iPads

We are excited to harness our students’ energy and enthusiasm for technology and direct it toward learning to thrive as 21st century communicators, thinkers and problem-solvers. The iPad supports essential skill areas - complex communication, new media literacy, collaboration, creativity, and self-directed learning. 

IMPORTANT: iPads MUST support the current iOS (12) as of July 1.

Required Apple Product:    (Minimum 32GB of Memory)
12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd gen 
12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st gen 
10.5-inch iPad Pro 
9.7-inch iPad Pro 
iPad Air 2
iPad Air 
iPad 5th gen 
iPad mini 4 
iPad mini 3 
Pad mini 2
Strongly Recommended:
• Protective Case or Cover
 • AppleCare or Mobile Device Insurance

iPads must be labeled with the student’s first and last name.
A label should be on the iPad AND the case for easy identification.