Helpdesk Consultant (HDC) 

Category: Computer Consulting 

Positions: Approximately 12 

Hourly Rate: $8.00 (for 2018/2019 academic year) 

Hours per Week: Between 5-12 hours, depending on the student's schedule 

Schedule: Hours are set at the beginning of each semester and last through finals week 

Supervisor: Associate Director of Technology Support Services (Kathleen A. Hausmann)


  • The Helpdesk Consultant (HDC) is responsible for assisting faculty and staff with their College-owned computers. While the primary focus of an HDC is to immediately assist faculty and staff when they contact the Helpdesk for technical support (through phone calls, e-mails, walk-in visits, and follow up on existing records in the Helpdesk tracking system), Helpdesk Consultants will also work on troubleshooting and repairing software (Windows, Mac Operating Systems), installing and updating the Saint Mary's-provided virus protection software (Bitdefender), removing viruses, spyware, and other malware from computers, assisting faculty and staff with connecting to BelleAire (the campus wireless network) and network drives, assist with hardware replacement and computer upgrades, install software images on College-owned computers, and create new and replacement ID cards for the Saint Mary's community. 


  • The HDC is the primary contact for faculty and staff requesting technical assistance with their College-owned computers. HDCs must have solid skills with both Mac and Windows operating systems, basic understanding of networking hardware and protocols, troubleshooting skills, the ability to think logically, take initiative to solve problems encountered by users, and be approachable and helpful. Training will be provided. 

Additional responsibilities for HDCs:

  • Ensure that students, faculty, and staff are aware of and comply with the Responsible Use of College Computers and the Internet @ Saint Mary's College
  • Introduce new faculty and staff to Saint Mary's College's computing resources when they visit the Helpdesk for the first time to acquire their network account and ID card
  • Assist faculty and staff with their College-owned computer issues and provide front-line support through the Helpdesk
  • Direct faculty and staff to appropriate Information Technology resources that are available to assist them (such as the Helpdesk website and FAQ, training sessions offered by the Information Technology department, and the Huisking Instructional Technology Resource Center)
  • Are responsible for working scheduled shifts in the Helpdesk, assisting faculty and staff who call, e-mail, or visit with questions during that time
  • Use the Tracking System provided by Information Technology to record all requests for assistance, what was done to resolve the issue, and note any follow-up contacts
  • Respond to all requests for assistance made through the Helpdesk in a timely and professional manner
  • Help users with software issues by answering questions and solving problems
  • Perform troubleshooting, routine diagnostics, software maintenance, and software installs upgrades (HDCs are not responsible for hardware-related issues beyond replacing broken keyboards and mice for faculty, staff, and cluster/classroom computers)
  • Maintain the equipment and general appearance of the Helpdesk
  • Assist other HDCs in troubleshooting when needed
  • Participate on the HDCs listserv
  • Report problems to the Associate Director of Technology Support Services
  • Assist Information Technology staff as requested
  • Complete other duties as needed.

Training: Will be provided. Attendance at training is mandatory.

Last Modified February 1, 2012