NCYC 2013 "Signed Sealed and Delivered"


Dear Parents and TYM Youth,

St. Mary TYM has participated in the bi-annual National Catholic Youth Conference for more than a decade. This is one of the largest gatherings of Catholic laity in the U.S. and we have an opportunity to be a part of NCYC 2013 "Signed, Sealed and Delivered"  in Indianapolis during the month of November. But we cannot go anywhere without planning and this trip takes long-range planning, so here goes!

Below you will find the information we have gathered thus far. There are a few items needing a final cost but the figure is quite close and not a hindrance to passing on initial information to you. The bus trip is outlined below and the itinerary is very firm with no changes expected. Of course we are dealing with deadlines and financial commitments from the bus company, NCYC planning, and hotels - this means that we must ask for a commitment from you too. You will find a commitment form in this packet of information. To get a better overview of the NCYC experience we will hold a brief parent and student meeting this coming year.  This will help us plan for payments and fundraisers, as well as discussing the travel plans.  Time and date will be announced during one of the 2012/2013 TYM meetings. 

Youth Ministry Coordinator: Mary Lambeth; Office 850-226-4884; Cell:  850-685-7464

What exactly is NCYC? The NCYC conference is one of the largest gatherings of lay Catholics in the U.S. NCYC takes place every two years and is usually attended by over 20,000 youth and their adult leaders. The Conference includes keynote presentations by the best and brightest ministers to Catholic youth, prayer, breakout sessions, workshops, liturgy with lots of priests and many bishops, plus opportunities to participate in reconciliation and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as recreational activities, concerts, and exhibits. A key component of NCYC is the thematic park, an interactive venue featuring the College Corner, a technology lounge, the Market Place, vocation areas, interactive games, service project areas, and various entertainment stages.


  • Why do we have such an early commitment date? Safety and security for 20,000 youth and adults takes advanced planning! We work with NCYC to stay in reasonably priced hotels that are safe, clean and as close to the convention center as possible.
  • Who will accompany our youth on the trip? Diocesan policy calls for a minimum of 1 adult chaperone for every 6 youth. On this trip we always take a few extra adults so that the ratio is more like 1 adult for every 5 or 4.5 youth. All of our adult chaperones are compliant with the Bishop’s Charter for the Safety of Youth through a background check and safe environment classes. We usually take those adults who have been working with our youth each Wednesday.
  • What will my son or daughter gain by attending NCYC? The National Catholic Youth Conference is like no other! It is often difficult to picture just how big, wide and deep our Catholic faith is; NCYC is truly a tangible experience of the larger universal Church to which we belong. Young people need that tangible experience of God and the grace of His Church in order to grow in faith and eventually to own the faith for their selves. NCYC is one of many such opportunities!
  • What do other parents think about the NCYC experience? Lisa Barkley has offered to share with you her view as a parent and the experience of her sons Robert and Tyler. You can contact her at home 581-5439 or by email:


Things to consider when making a commitment for NCYC 2013: Sports schedules, marching band performances, family commitments, academic priorities etc. The considerations are different for each student and some schedules are unknown this far in advance.

 Costs: (these are approximate from 2011data and will change as we confirm bus and hotel reservations)

Conference Fee - $195

Bus Transportation - $150 p/p (includes cost of ground transportation while in Indy & bus driver’s hotel costs)

Hotels – $90 to $120 for 3 nights (Four persons per room; 1 night in Nashville, 2 nights in Indy)

TOTAL: $435-$465 per person (NOT including meals)

 Meals: We attempt to stay in Hotels that provide breakfast. There are 10 meals on the road or at the conference @ a maximum cost of $10 each, so expect $100 for food costs. Of course there are t-shirts, music CDs, Christian jewelry, books etc. to buy in the conference vendor area so each family will have to decide what spending money will be.

 ITINERARY - TENTATIVE ROUTE Once we hit Montgomery, AL it is I-65 all the way!
·        Wednesday, Nov. 20th Leave @ 3pm from SMFWB (We can pick OLV @ I-10 on our way North)
·       Wedensday, Nov 20th  Arrive Nashville, TN approx midnight - stay over night
·       Thursday, Nov 21st Leave Nashville, TN approx 9am 
·        Thursday, Nov. 21st  Arrive Indianapolis approx 4-5pm...
·        Thursday, Nov 21st Conference Opening Thurs. night @ 8pm
·         Friday, Nov. 22 Conference ALL Day i.e., 7am-10pm 

·         Saturday, Nov. 23 Conference ALL Day i.e., 7am-10pm

·         Saturday, Nov. 23 Leave Indianapolis for FWB @ 10:30pm at conclusion of Conference

·         Saturday, Nov. 24 Arrive in FWB approx. 2:30pm

 Fundraising: I am open to most any fundraising venture as long as it is something the youth want to do and the parents will support with their help and supervision. The way we work fundraising for all youth events is solely based on participation, meaning if you work the event you will receive a share in the profits.