Parish Life Center Activities

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Rosary Makers                            Wed    noon-2:00pm
Seniors Adults 50+        (2nd)      Thur   noon-2:00pm
Hispanic Bible Study                    M       6:30-8:00pm
Curssillio Group #37                    M        6:00-7:00pm
Saint Mary's Outreach                 Tu       9:00-10:00am
Junior Legion of Mary                  Tu       3:00-4:00pm
Discalced Carmelites                   Tu      5:00-8:00pm
Patrician Meeting               (4th)  Tu       6:00-7:00pm
Total Youth Ministry                     Wed    6:00-9:00pm
Cursillio Group                             Wed   7:00-9:00pm
Legion Of Mary  AM                    Thur    9:00-10:00am
Hispanic Baptism                (3rd) Thur   9:00-11:00am
Legion Of Mary   PM                   Thur   6:00-7:00pm

If you are interested in using the PLC for an event, please download and complete a
Facilities Request Form
and return it to our facility administrator:
     Fax # 850-226-4676

PLC Upcoming Special Events
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Parish Events

Bible Study
Psalms: The School of Prayer
Visit our adult faith page for more information and registration.

Something new; we are trying to form 
Adult Sports League
If you are interested in Participating or Organizing any of these please call the PLC 850 226-4712 

Saint Mary School 
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