*4th - 8th Grade Keyboarding Practice*

Dear Parents,

This year, our class will be working with TypingClub in the classroom and at home.

TypingClub is an educational program that will help students learn to type quickly and accurately on a standard computer keyboard. The program is fully web-based, so students can use it to practice keyboarding in class, at home, or anywhere an internet connection can be found.

To log in to your child's TypingClub account, go to the following login URL:

Username: first initial last name

Password: *No Password Needed*

If you would like to help at home, the most important thing for your child to focus on while practicing is to avoid looking at the keyboard while typing.

I am very excited to share TypingClub with you and to work toward developing your child's keyboarding skills. Together, we can help perfect a skill set that will be indispensable to your child in the future.

All the best,

Kathleen McSweeney


PreK - 1st:

  • Keyboard Zoo
  • Keyboard Zoo 2
  • Jump Key
  • Cup Stacking
  • Typing Rocket Junior

Many of these games also help students to practice using the mouse to locate and select letters/numbers/pictures on the screen.

2nd - 4th:

  • Alpha Munchies
  • Keyboard Challenge
  • Keyboard Chase
  • Keyboard Invasion
  • Typing Race
  • Typing Rocket

Popcorn Typer:

Students should also practice using the mouse to select objects, drag and drop and resize objects.

5th - 8th:

Nitro Type

In addition to keyboarding, students should practice using the touchpad on chromebooks to select items, copy and paste objects, insert images and text boxes, and adjust font sizes and colors.