PreK-3 ***APRIL***

Pre-K3 is preparing for Easter!  We will paint eggs, create bunnies and learn about the Spring Season!
This year is quickly coming to a close- and our PreK 3's are ready for PreK4!!
We will continue to work on writing our names independently.
We will be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, planting seeds and making many observations in the changes in weather.

We will review our numbers and recognition, shapes, patterns, sorting and classifying.
Continue to work with your child at home.  We will Introduce the letters Kk, Ii and Nn.
Parent/Teacher conferences will take place on the 20th.  I will be available to those who request one.

Important Dates in APRIL
4/5 Show & Share  letter Xx
4/12 Show & Share  letter Yy
4/18  Holy Thursday
4/19  Good Friday
4/29  school resumes
****MOTHER'S DAY TEA has been moved to THURSDAY, MAY 9th at 10:15***

SAVE THE DATE- Rockland Catholic School FUN RUN!! 4/13 Albertus Magnus HS 8am

PRE-K 3  


This month we will be very busy.  We continue to work on writing our names independently.

Religion:     Value of the month is Prudence.  We will discuss what it means to be cautious and make good decisions as well as safety.  We will learn about St. Patrick and talk about Lent and making special sacrifices as we prepare for Easter next month.

Social Studies:   We will learn ways to be safe, how we take care of ourselves and review helpers in our community and why they are important.

Reading:  We will be doing a unit and celebrate Dr. Suess.  A letter will be sent home on the list of daily activities:

3/4 "Cat in the Hat"- wear a silly hat day

3/5 "Horton hears a Who"- Dress in animal costume/outfit

3/6 "Hop on Pop"- Silly sock Day   - ASH WEDNESDAY-

3/7 "Go, Dog. GO!"- Dress in character of choice (from favorite Dr. Suess book)

3/8 "Green Eggs & Ham"- we will be cooking- dress accordingly (nothing fancy)

We will introduce the letters Tt, Uu, Vv and Ww.  Fridays will be Show and share representing the letter of the week. 


3/1- Mass  EARLY DISMISSAL 11am  Show & Share letter Ss

3/6- LENT (Mass)  silly sock day

3/8- Show & Share letter Tt (community leader: teacher)

3/15- Show & Share letter Uu (community leader: usher)

3/22- Show & Share letter Vv (community leader: veterinarian)

3/29- Show & Share letter Ww (community leader: sanitation Worker)

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