Weekly Update

Week of June 10th
Hope everyone had a great weekend, below is our plan for the last full  week of the school year!

Math- We will continue working on Topic 14. Topic 14 focuses reason with shapes and other attributes! Students will learn to use attributes to match shapes, define 2-D shapes by their attributes, use materials to build and draw 2-D shapes, compose 2-D shapes, use attributes to define three-dimensional 3-D shapes, define 3-D shapes, compose 3-D shapes and make sense and preserve. Topic 14 math test will be Friday, June 15. 


There will be no spelling or reading tests this week. I will be doing informal assessments through questioning, observing student work, and discussion. I will be running fluency tests to assess children's reading level and we will be wrapping up Unit 4! 

A few topics we will be covering:
-consonant patterns: kn, wr
-vowel digraphs ie, igh, ue, ew, ui
- vowel sound in moon: oo

Social Studies -  Children will understand that we can share special places with others, a special place can be for work or fun, we can share toys and other belongings, neighbors can become friends and take pride in their community.

Religion- We will be taking a visit to the church to review words learned throughout the school year.

Spanish- Review

Have a great week
Thank you!
Miss Pucci

Please see email below from Brenda Lattuca regarding Holy Communion



Dear Parents of 2nd Graders in September,


Next year your child will be receiving, for the first time, the Sacraments of Reconciliation & Holy Communion. We ask that you attend one of two (identical meetings) reviewing the importance of this step in their "faith journey". These Sacramental meetings are scheduled for Monday May 14, 2018 or Thursday May 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Toner Hall (hall directly below the Church).  Thank you for attending this meeting where all questions, concerning your child's Sacraments in 2019, will be answered. I look forward to seeing you there. 


Many Blessings and Peace,


Brenda Lattuca


Parish Religious Education Program

Phone: (845) 735-5489

Below is a good keyboarding practice site for students from preK up to 8th Grade!

PreK - 1st:


  • Keyboard Zoo *Keyboard Zoo 2

  • Jump Key *Cup Stacking

  • Cup Stacking *Typing Rocket Junior

Many of these games also help students to practice using the mouse to locate and select letters/numbers/pictures on the screen.  

2nd - 4th:


  • Alpha Munchies *Keyboard Challenge

  • Keyboard Chase *Keyboard Invasion

  • Typing Race *Typing Rocket

Popcorn Typer:


Students should also practice using the mouse to select objects, drag and drop and resize objects.

5th - 8th:

Nitro Type


In addition to keyboarding, students should practice using the touchpad on chromebooks to select items, copy and paste objects, insert images and text boxes, and adjust font sizes and colors.





Below is a useful site to help discover what your child's reading ability is and a tool to help choose which books are suitable for the reader.



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