Weekly Update

Week of October 23rd

Thank you to our class moms, Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. McKinney for helping to coordinate some fun activities and gatherings for us this year. If possible please send in $25 cash to help cover the offset cost of materials for crafts and party expenses. However, volunteers will be asked to donate baked goods, drinks or paper products using www. signup.com. Our first party is Halloween ! All are invited to join us on Tuesday, October 31st for our school parade at 1:00 followed by a celebration in the cafeteria. 

Reading- We will continue with our first unit, Unit R: My World. We will be reading and discussing about the places and people in our world. Throughout the unit, we will be talking about family and friends as we learn about home, school, and neighborhood places. We will focus on our big question, What is all around me? 

Our story for this week is, School Day. Our High-Frequency Words are: he, is, three, to, with. In Phonics, we will work on consonants r/r/; w/w/;  j /j/; k/k/ and short e: e Our comprehension skill is plot (beginning, middle, end). Please note that our reading test will be on Friday.  

Math- We will continue with Topic 2: Fluently Add and Subtract Within 10. In this topic we will learn about addition and subtraction using numbers to 10. In this topic, we will learn to count on the solve addition problems and count back to solve subtraction problems using a number line. We will also learn about the relationship between addition and subtraction. Just a reminder your child's homework will provide reinforcement for the day's classwork. Should your child have any difficulty completing his/her homework assignment please let me know. Lastly, I will collect the lesson the next day to be put in a red folder with all the lesson hand-outs. Please note this topic includes 10 lessons and therefore, we will probably have our test next Tuesday, 10/31.

Religion- We will continue to learn about our value of the month, courage. We will discuss what are signs of the value of courage? In addition, October is the month of the Holy Rosary therefore, we will continue to learn how to pray the rosary and participate saying the rosary as a school during the morning assembly. 

Sci/SS.- We will continue with Unit 1: Organizing Ourselves to do Science Investigations. We will continue with the importance of organizing ourselves and our materials. Last week, the students had the opportunity to look at a gourd. The students observed by drawing a picture and recorded data by writing about their gourd. The students enjoyed this lesson with much enthusiasm as they were asked to find their classmates gourd using the clues provided. In addition, we attended a Fire Prevention assembly on fire safety. 


  • Please sign and return all tests 
  • $25 for class dues.
  • Friday, October 27th-Dress Down $1 for Hi Tor Animal Hospital
  • Friday, October 27th- Halloween Party for Grades PK-4 hosted by HSA
  • Tuesday, October October 31st- Halloween Parade @ 1 followed by class party. All invited!

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