Welcome to Pre-K 4 2018/ 2019

Welcome to Pre K 4. If you need to get in touch with me please email me at kmurphy@saintmargaretschool.com.

Our Donuts with Dad, father's day celebration celebration will be on Friday, May 31st at 8:00 am in our classroom. The celebration usually lasts approximately a half hour. Dad can come to school with his son/daughter. We will have a quick song and breakfast to honor all the Dads in our group. We hope you can join us!

Our Moving Up ceremony on June 7th will be at 9:30 am. Dismissal will follow the reception. The school has 11:00 am dismissal that day. This is also the last school day for Pre-K 4.

Family Fun Day, hosted by the HSA will be on Thursday, May 30th at Kruckers in Pamona. This is free to all SMS families and is a really fun evening for the whole family.

Updates to the 2019 calendar.

S.M.S will be closed on the following days:

May 10, ( June 19, 20 and 21st do not apply to Pre-K )

S.M.S will be open on May 28th.

Last day and Moving up for Pre-K is June 7th.

Week of May 6th,2019

We are very excited to celebrate a special morning with our moms on Thursday. We will begin at 8:30 am .

This week we are adding and taking away using manipulatives and acting out number stories in Math. In Language Arts we are listening to stories about caterpillars and butterflies we continue to review letters and sounds along with rhyming words. We will also learn to recognize some simple words and use them to add to our drawings about things.. Thanks to Mrs Slattery, Eamon's grandma, we will observe caterpillars and their growth over the next few weeks. That will be fun. In science we will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and apply that to our observations.

In Religion we are learning about Mary, the Mother of Jesus and preparing to celebrate our mothers.

Spring pictures will be taken on Tuesday. You received an envelope before Easter break about this. If you wish to have your child's picture taken please return the envelope with payment tomorrow.

Week of April 29th:

The next few weeks will be spent preparing for our Mother's Day, Father's day and Moving Up events

We will also explore addition and subtraction using concrete objects along with review of letters sounds, numbers , learn some key words and use them to read and write. and the many concepts we have learned this year.

Our Religion corner will contain a Mary Altar as we celebrate Mary the Mother of God during the month of May.

Week of April 8th

The second progress report card will go home at the end of this week. I will send homework home this week ( our copy machine is fixed).

We will have outdoor play every day if the weather is fine. You may want to apply sunscreen and send a cap if it is sunny as there is no shade in our play area.

his week we will continue to learn about plants. We will look at all the parts of a plant and learn what each part does; We will also taste some different plant parts.

In Math we will compare length and heights.

In Religion we will learn about the last days of Jesus in preparation for Holy Week and Easter.

Week of April 1st

This week we will learn about what plants need to grow. We will plant some bulbs and seeds and wait to see what happens. Letter of the week is y. Show and tell is on Friday.

In math we continue to count using ordinal numbers first to tenth. In Religion we will learn about Jesus and his twelve special friends,

Week of March 25th

We are moving on to a new unit of study on seeds and plants. We will explore a variety of seeds this week and learn about how seeds develop. We will read some fact texts on seeds along with some fiction.

In Math we are learning to count ordinal numbers first to tenth.

We are practicing recognizing letters and their sounds, picking out rhyming words and using picture clues to predict what a text is about.

We will listen to The Farmer's Seeds from the Bible and talk about ways we can help God's love to grow in our hearts.

In science we have been exploring mixing primary colors to make new colors . We also have some new centers to play in.

Please excuse the delay in getting the homework packet to you but our copy machine is out of action at the moment. Hopefully it will be back soon.

Week of March 11th.

This week we will learn about Saint Patrick and Ireland. Our letter for this week is v. We will continue to pick out words that rhyme. We will listen to some Irish legends and stories from Tomie de Paolo. In Math we will continue to work with numbers and counting.

On Friday we will have a potato parade. For this your child should take a regular potato, the large baking ones are probably best, and use their imagination to create a potato character. In the past we have had some ingenious creations from potato babies to leprechauns and cartoon characters. We will have a parade with out potato characters and talk about each character.

Thank you to all who returned the forms about marching in the Pearl River parade next Sunday. I will send home your child's green sweatshirt on Thursday. If your child would like to march with our class please return the form by Tuesday.

Homework packets will go home tomorrow.

Week of February 25th

We will conclude our unit on fairy tales with a special celebration on Tuesday 2/26. The children may dress as a fairy tale character for the day and we will have a special breakfast snack. On Wednesday we will kick off our celebration of Dr. Seuss with Wacky Wednesday. Details of the events for Seuss are in the files under Events for March.

Week of February 18th

We will continue with the activities from last week. Letter of the week is S.

Week of February 11th, 2019

Great job on the homework. This weeks packet is due on Friday.

Travelling Bear had a great week last week and is excited to continue his visits this week. If your child misses his/her day due to weather or illness, we will make up the lost day in March.

This week we continue our theme of folk and fairy tales with a few variations of The Little Red Hen. We have been discussing characters, setting and events in the stories. We are beginning to label pictures of these characters and events with vocab. words. Our letter this week is Rr and /r/ in the initial position like rabbit.

In math we continue to work with numbers to 10, counting, making groups and matching. We have also begun to act out simple add on stories.

In Religion this week we are listening to the parable of the Prodigal son and talking about trust.

On Thursday we will have a small saint valentines day celebration in the morning. Thank you Mrs Fortescue and Mrs Murphy for organizing this.

Week of February 4th, 2019

This week Travelling Bear will begin his visits home with the children. I have made up a calendar for his visits. Each child will get a turn to take TB home for one night. TB comes with its bag, pj's, tooth and fur brush and a journal for you to record some happenings from the visit. Typically most families take a few pictures to put with the journal entry. The next morning at Circle Time we read about TB's adventure at each classmates house. Every weekend I take TB and his bag home for a wash . Please check the bag before returning it to school to ensure all items are returned. Please check the date on the calendar for TB's visit to your home and if it conflicts with something I can change the visit to another date.

With the beginning of the new semester I will start sending home a homework packet on Mondays. the packet is due back on Fridays. The children will know how to do all the activities. Please have your child complete only one page per day. These activities will help reinforce beginning reading and math skills and will be based on what we do in class every week. Look for the first packet this Monday, February 4th.

On Friday we will have Pancake and pajama day. Details are under weekly news.

Registration for Kindergarten at SMS is open online. If you wish to send your child to our Kindergarten you will have to register him/her at www.ApplyCatholicSchoolsNY.org. We will have our Kindergarten screening for our current students on February 20th during the regular school day. You must apply and your child be accepted for your child to take part in screening.