Welcome to Pre-K 4 2018/ 2019

Welcome to Pre K 4. If you need to get in touch with me please email me at kmurphy@saintmargaretschool.com.

Letter of the week. Review

We have a this week, Tomorrow, Monday at 9:00 am is our thanksgiving Sing-song in our classroom, followed by breakfast for anyone who can stay. A great big thank you to Mrs. Elena Murphy and Mrs. Heather Fortescue for organizing breakfast.

Tuesday the children are being treated to a delicious breakfast in the cafeteria with the whole school. We will celebrate our Breakfeast together and entertain each other. It promises to be a fun morning.

St. Margaret's is not in session on Wednesday. This begins our Thanksgiving recess.

This week we will continue our unit of study for Thanksgiving,

We have learned about the Wampanoag people who lived in Massachusetts when the Pilgrims arrived. .

The children are learning some fun songs to perform for you at our Sing Song on November 19th.

We have been working on our fine motor skills, holding pencils, markers, crayons with the correct grip. most are showing a lot of progress with this and are writing their names well.

In Math we will continue to work on numbers 0 to 5 . We have been working on linear patterns and most of the children have done a fantastic job of extending and making simple AB patterns. This week we will continue with more patterns AAB and ABB. You can encourage your child at home by having him/her make patterns with everyday items. ( spoons and forks, an AB pattern means that the spoon is A and the Fork is B so the pattern is spoon, fork, spoon, fork and so on.)

Our letter of the week this week is H. please have your child pick a "H" item to bring on Friday for Show and Tell. It is really important that your child pick out the item for S&T him/herself as this helps your child to associate that beginning sound to the letter. You can encourage him/her by reminding him/her that you are looking for something that begins the same as Horse.

In Religion we are talking about all the things that we are thankful for. Every day one of the children has a turn to open a page in our children's Bible and I read them the story on that page. So far Daniel in the Lion's den and Jonah and the Whale are huge favorites We will now begin to learn the Grace before meals. Most of the children can now recite Hail Mary and Prayer to our Guardian Angel.