Welcome to Pre-K 3 and 4

March 15th , 2021

Good evening all. I hope you are all well on this very windy Sunday evening.

This week we will celebrate Saint Patrick and all things Irish on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is a Teacher Conference Day which means no school for the children.

Monday we will have fun learning about leprechauns and constructing traps to try and catch one. We will count leprechaun gold and paint rainbows. We will listen to a really funny leprechaun story.

Tuesday we will have a potato parade. I have asked the children to decorate a potato as a character and take their potato to school on Tuesday for Show and Tell. We will parade around the classroom with the dressed up potatoes .

Here are some examples from our last potato parade.

Wednesday is Saint Patrick's Day and we will dress in green for the day. We have virtual Mass at 10:00am, You will be sent the link if you wish to join us. I have a fun day planned.

Thursday the children are off.

Friday we will celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph with Mass.

Have a great week.


March 2021

March 1 to 5 we are celebrating Read Across America all week.

Monday: Wear a Crazy Hat to school and listen to The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

Tuesday: Dress as a Seuss character and listen to a fun Seuss story Green Eggs and Ham.

Wednesday: Dress in silly socks and as many ways to be wacky as you can. Listen to Wacky Wednesday by Dr Seuss.

Thursday: Dress as a favorite book character ( not Seuss). Tell us about your character. Listen to One Fish, Two Fish.

Friday: Pajama Day. Listen to Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr Seuss.

Friday is an 11:00am dismissal. Your child will need a breakfast snack.

Week of February 15th, 2021

This week we begin a new unit of study on Favorite authors. Our first author is a big favorite: Laura Joffe Numeroff, author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and many more great stories.

Wednesdays begins the season of Lent. We will begin our Lenten Journey on Wednesday with the story of Jesus's baptism and His temptation in the desert. We have a Lenten Calender in class that we will use to mark off the days and a prayer heart chain where we will pray daily for those who ask for our prayers. Your child will bring home a sheet of purple hearts. He/she should cut out the hearts. Please write the names of people you would like us to pray for on the hearts and return them to school. We will use them to make a big prayer heart in our Religion area.

Our letter of the week is Qq and the sound of /q/. In math we are counting and working on number skills.

Thank you so much to all who donated hats etc. , food and contributed to our Read-a-thon and pizza fundraisers. These fundraisers are so important for our school and we appreciate your support.

Week of February 8th, 2021

Hello PK3 and PK4 parents and students. I hope you are enjoying this snowy Superbowl Sunday. I am not really a football fan but I always enjoy the commercials and the half-time show so I am looking forward to a fun evening.

Tomorrow, Monday we continue with some of the Catholic Schools Week activities that were postponed because of snow. We are on the GOLD team so your child can come dressed in our team color.( Orange, yellow or gold are all considered gold) We will watch three little pigs compete in a race , virtually, in the morning. Last year for the first time ever PK had the opportunity to participate and our pig won. It was so exciting! This year we will cheer on our Gold teammates.

This coming Friday will also be an early dismissal and the children will go home at 11:00am. Report cards will be sent home on Friday in your child's folder. Please sign the brown envelope and return the envelope, not the report card, on Monday. We will not have conferences this time but if you have any concerns please email me after you have looked at the report card.

- Please remember to send shoes for your child to change into when he/she gets to school. The sidewalks and streets are wet and dirty and the children are bringing that wet and dirt into the classroom where they spend a lot of time on the floor. It is healthier and cleaner for them to change shoes when they come inside. If you would like your child to leave his/her shoes in the cubby that is fine with me. Just make sure you tell your child to leave them there and please let me know.

- Service to others is the Value of the Month for the month of February. There are so many people in our community who are struggling due to Covid-19. We have a Food Drive and a Hat, Gloves, Mittens and Socks drive ongoing in our school at the moment. Anything you can donate and share with others will be greatly appreciated. Your child can just bring his/her donation to class and put it in the appropriate box. Flyers about these activities can be found on my Webpage under HSA News.

- On Monday and Tuesday we will participate in a school-wide Art To Remember activity. Your child will complete a piece of artwork in class and you will be contacted with further information at a later date.

- PK4 students who are returning to SMS for Kindergarten, please remember that the textbook forms should be signed and returned by tomorrow.

- Fantastic job to all who are participating in our Read-a-Thon and American Heart Challenge..

- As mentioned previously, we will not exchange cards or treats for Saint Valentine's Day this year due to the restrictions regarding Covid. We will do some fun activities in class though.

- Our letter of the week this week is P. We will review letters a to o so the children become very familiar with these letters. There are websites and activities listed on my webpage that will help if your child is having difficulty recognizing and naming the letters. Please remember to have your child complete the weekly activities on Seesaw.

Have a great Sunday and a fantastic week.

God bless.


CSW 2021

Week of February 1st, 2021

February 1st, Feast of Saint Brigid.

February 2nd: Groundhog Day. Apparently Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning so we have six more weeks of winter.

This week we are celebrating Catholic Schools Week with fun activities all week. Tomorrow, Wednesday, we are making Valentines for Veterans. We also have a red, white and blue dress down day .

Due to the snow some of the activities will be rescheduled.

On Thursday, your child may dress as his/her favorite superhero. Please be mindful that Thursday is also Gym day for Pre-K so your child will need to wear sneakers.

Friday is a short day as we dismiss at 11:00am. Mass will be at 10:00am. Pre-K will participate virtually.

Ongoing all week we have a Food Drive, a Read-a-thon, A Hat, Mittens and Socks Drive and the Kid's Heart Challenge.

January 2021

Week of January 25th,2021

Please check out the HSA News page above for all the latest flyers from our HSA; Valentine pizza, Read-a-Thon, Hat and Glove drive, Food pantry drive and the 500 Club.

I am assigning Seesaw "Homework" this week which will pop up tomorrow morning and should be completed by Friday. There are two activities for PK4 and one for PK3. Another activity will pop up on Wednesday based on a story we are reading in class. Please remember to tap the green check to upload the activity to your journal.

As the weather is cold for the coming week please remember to bring gloves/mittens and hats. Also keep in mind that we do have to keep a window open for ventilation so it can be a little chilly . A sweater/sweatshirt are also needed. We go outside every day for fresh air.

Tomorrow we will change buddy groups around as it is the end of the second quarter. I have assigned new buddies based on relationships that I have observed during class time and hope that everyone will enjoy the change. If there is ever an issue please let me know so that my assistants and I can help the children with whatever that issue may be.

This week we are reviewing numbers and letters . We will also listen to some really good snow stories and if we get snow , as predicted, we will explore it and how it is formed.

I made a short video of our class in action and you can see it on the school website. It shows everyone in class, at work and play.

Hopefully this link will get you there:

Lastly, please check out the HSA news page for updates and HSA information. They have a few activities ongoing at the moment. Valentine's pizza looks interesting and a fun family activity!

If you have any questions or concerns please email me and I will try to help.

Have a great rest of the day and I will see you all tomorrow.

God bless.


Week of January 18th

This week we will continue our unit on Winter and learn about animals, birds and insects who hibernate, adapt or migrate.

In Math we are learning to count with ordinal numbers from first to tenth.

In Religion we are talking about our families and learning about The Holy Family.

In Science we will grow and observe crystals. and learn about our little calf Cheerio. We will watch a video from the farmer teaching us about where she lives and what she eats.

Letter O is our letter of the week. We are working on writing our first names using a capital letter for the first letter and lower case for all the rest.

Just a few reminders:

  • if you wear snow or rain boots to school, please bring indoor shoes to change into.

  • hats, gloves/mittens and a warm coat are a must as we go outside a few times during the day for fresh air.

  • if you travelled outside the state over break, please see the guidelines that were emailed from the Archdiocese regarding return procedures.

  • we will continue with our daily health/temperature check at the door. Please stay six feet apart while waiting.

  • each child should have at least two extra masks with him/her daily.

  • next week I will resume assigning activities on Seesaw as homework for the week. It will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday.

Have a great week.

Coming up in PK:

Week of January 31st: Catholic Schools Week. Join us for a week of fun as we celebrate our school and all Catholic Schools.