Welcome to Pre-K 4 2017/ 2018

Welcome to Pre K 4. If you need to get in touch with me please email me at kmurphy@saintmargaretschool.com.
Week of October 22nd,.2017
Please remember:
- nap mats
- aftercare notes/email
It was lovely to see so many of you at our Fall Fundraiser on Saturday night. 

This week we are moving on to letter d and the sound of /d/. We are going to label all the items in our classroom and try to identify beginning sounds and letters. I have some great stories about pumpkins, bats and Halloween for story time this week. In Math we are making groups, counting  and beginning to recognize numbers to 5.
We will learn the Grace before Meals and learn a little more about Jesus this week.

As the weather gets cooler I just want to remind you that we go outside every day after lunch so your child should bring a jacket or sweater depending on the weather.

we still have some parents who have not signed up for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Please open the file on the right and sign up for a time. 
have a great week.

Week of October 16th. 2017
Friday, October 20th is a Teacher Conference Day. SMS is closed for students.

Please sign up for a slot for Parent/Teacher Conferences. The file is on the right. If you cannot access it just email me with a time.

I hope your child talked to you about our baking day on Friday. We made applesauce and apple cake and then got to eat it. Most of the children cleaned the plate!  This was a fun science activity.

This week we will work on letter C and the sound /c/.
 We have been practicing writing and naming the first letter in our names. We will begin to add some more letters.  In Language Arts we are reading stories, both fact and fiction, about pumpkins and learning about how they grow. We will talk about main characters, setting, main idea, author and illustrator.
 We will continue to count and learn to group items into groups of 1 to 5. Then match them to the numerals.
In Science we will learn how pumpkins grow. we will explore them inside and out!
We have been listening to stories from the Bible and talking about what Jesus teaches us with these stories. 

Halloween in Pre-K 4.
We will have a special treat to celebrate in the morning and then participate in the school parade at 1:00pm on Magnolia Street. Parents are welcome to attend the parade. Children may bring a costume in a bag with their name on it. We will help your child put on their costume over his/her clothes after lunch for the parade. The parade usually lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. If you wish to take your child home after the parade please send me an email or a note so that I can have him/ her packed and ready to go.
Children who come for the morning session only may return dressed in the costume by 12:45pm.

I have attached a small baggie with a label inside your child's take home folder. If you wish to buy ice cream for your child on Fridays, please put .50c into the baggie anytime during the week. 
   Please do not put money anywhere else.
 Friday lunch is a very busy, hectic time because of pizza and ice cream. We collect the money in the morning and have our list ready so that it is less stressful for the children when we get downstairs. 
Last Friday, we had a lot of tears and undue stress. Please make sure you put the ice cream money in the baggie. That should help. If it is not in there then most likely your child will not be getting their treat.

Week of October 9th, 2017
This week we will have some fun with apples. On Friday I hope to do some cooking with the class.
We are doing a great job sorting and counting up to 10. We will read some great books about apples.
Letter B is our letter for this week.
In Religion we will listen to two stories that Jesus told and learn a little about courage.

Everyone is settling in nicely to our routine. We are working on listening skills and following directions to complete a task. 
Thank you to all who sent emails and notes regarding dismissal last week. It made life much easier for all of us!

I have the sign up sheet for Parent/ Teacher Conferences in November  in my room for those of you that did not sign up for a time slot. I will try to get it online this week so that you can have a look and choose a time. Our first Progress Report will be given out in November.

Please remember sleeping mats on Tuesday, ice cream money in the folder for Friday if you want to buy and order from the lunch program before 1:00 pm on Thursdays.
Have a great week.

 Week of October 2nd to 6th, 2016

Please remember nap mats on Monday.

Friday is 11:00 am dismissal for all students. Aftercare is available if needed.

Once again I am asking you to please send me an email or a note if their is any change in your child's dismissal. This past week we had a lot of changes with children going to Aftercare and not going. It is very confusing for us and your child when we do not have a note from you about these changes. 

This week we will work on the letter A and the sounds for A. We will learn about apples and how they grow. We will use our senses to explore and learn about apples. In Math we will do some sorting and classifying using apples and put our findings in graph form.

We will continue to work on learning Sign of the Cross and Hail Mary. We are also learning about Jesus and will listen to some stories from the Bible from Jesus who teaches us.

We will also work on daily routines, listening skills, and will discuss how we can stay safe in school.
Our Safe Environment lessons for Pre-K focus on staying safe from strangers and appropriate or good touches vs. bad / inappropriate touches.


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