Weekly Updates: Week of June 4 -June 8

Value of the Month:  Loyalty


Wednesday school is not in session for students.  Teachers will attend a school safety seminar.  

Finals begin this week.  Please see schedule below.  

Final Exam Schedule:

Social Studies:  June 7
Religion:  June 8
ELA:  June 11
Science:  June 12
Math:  June 13

Weekly Topics:

Grade 7 Religion:    We will conclude our unit on Human Sexuality.  Final exam is on Friday.  

Grade 5 Science:  Weather forecasts projects will be presented on Friday.  

Grade 6 Science:   We will conclude our unit on Continental Drift. 
Grade 7 Science:   We will conclude our unit on the circulatory system,  Test on Tuesday.     

Grade 8 Science:  We will complete our final STEM project for the year.  They will build Roller-coasters.  We are reviewing for the final exam which will be on Tuesday June 5.