Weekly Update :)

One day at a time sweet Jesus, that's all I'm asking from you,

Give me the strength, to do every day ,what I have to do.

                                                                                                                                A Father’s Day Prayer 

Lord God, you entrusted your Son Jesus, the child of Mary, to the care of Joseph, his father on earth. 

Bless all fathers as they care for their families. Give them strength and wisdom, tenderness and patience; support them in the work they have to do. 

Grant that we, their sons and daughters, may honor them with a spirit of profound respect. 

                                   Value of the Month:

Helpful Websites

http://worksheetland.com/ (Primary Grades)

https://learnzillion.com/p/ (all grades)

https://newsela.com/ (ELA based for all grades – content areas infused)

https://www.readworks.org/ (ELA)

https://www.mathfactcafe.com/ (mental Math – online assessments)

https://www.khanacademy.org/ (Rit score can be inserted for a more focused practice)

https://www.mathworksheetsland.com/ (All grades with all phases of direction and practice)

https://lexile.com/(Lexile number can be inserted; guidance provided for leveled books bases on lexile for parents & teachers)

Formed.org A great religious website!

https://padlet.com/jodi_vines/a7iu1sobc6ki Parent Padlet

Math: https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-4-mathematics

ELA:  https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-4-english-language-arts

2nd - 4th: Keyboard Practice


    • Alpha Munchies *Keyboard Challenge
    • Keyboard Chase *Keyboard Invasion
    • Typing Race *Typing Rocket

Zoom class On Monday, June 22 @10:00
Dear Class and Parents,
     Tomorrow is our last Zoom class . It will be @ 10. We will have a fun game to play! Thank you again for all your wonderful effort ! I appreciate your support and kind words all year.  It was an all-star performance  because of  SMS teamwork!  I will miss you next year. Enjoy a happy summer!  Love, Mrs. Dougherty

June 22 : Hours -12-3.  Parent drop off and pick up - Please return the 3 texts, Grammar, Science, and Social Studies, Simple Solutions, classroom library books, and  protractor  and bring home the bag in  the gym. Thank you!

Monday: Computers                                                              
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: PE, Spanish
Thursday: Art


Teacher Schedule
School's Name:St. Margaret School
Teacher's Name:Mary Dougherty
8-8:10Morning Prayers / Announcements / Morning Routine
9:05-9:50ELAMathPE PrepELAMath
9:55-10:40MathMusic/PrepSpanish PREPMathELA
11:30 - 12:15 PMLunch & Recess
12:30-1:00ELAELASocial StudiesScienceScience
1:05-1:35Social StudiesScienceELAMath/ReligionSocial Studies/Religion
2:43 PMDismissal



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