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February 11, 2019
     Dear Parents,
       I hope you enjoyed a pleasant weekend. We have begun reviewing for the Common Core exams in the spring in ELA and Math. Please review the sheets that go home. It is necessary to practice multi-step word problems and read stories with more rigor. The Reading Log is a great tool to improve reading skills. The Progress books are an invaluable tool to increase the ELA skills. Social Studies can be challenging if the students do not read, say, and write out the material. We will have a Valentine's Day party. Please bring in cards, but do not address them, only sign them. This makes the distribution of them so much easier. Extra help sessions are every Friday unless I cancel in advance. Have a happy week.
Religion: Chapter 15 Fourth Commandment
Science: Nutrition test Tuesday
Reading: Encantado
Social Studies: Latitude and Latitude Chapter 2 lesson 2 Settling New York
Math : Chapter 9 lessons 1,2,3 quiz Wednesday
Spelling test Thursday- syllable ending words

Grammar: Verb Tenses

Mrs. Mary Dougherty

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