Weekly Update

October 14, 2018
     Dear Parents,
             I hope you had a pleasant weekend with your families. The children are improving in their effort and focusing skills. It is a pleasure to teach them. Thank you for your support. The class enjoyed using the balance scales and using gram measurement. The children enjoyed the Friday last period session  of playing board games. It gives them an opportunity to socialize and use thinking strategies. On Thursday, they will participate in a library session. They will select books from the library and enjoy silent reading sitting in beanbags and cushions. We have begun work in the ELA Progress books. These high interest stories enable them to improve comprehension skills. The students will be completing an interview of a veteran for November 11. I will send home the details this week. This is an invaluable experience in patriotism. The Math Progress book will also be used. These books encourage Common Core strategies. The Reading vocabulary words will be used in sentences on their Spelling tests. They are learning about the Rosary. Thank you for your support of the Socktober project. We just finished a lesson on preventing bullying. They should read each day for the Reading Log. Extra help sessions will be held each Friday morning at 7:30 promptly. Please continue to sign tests and the homework pad. have a good week.
Spelling: Long u words
Grammar: Subjects  writing skills
Math: Place Value Word Problems
Reading: Letters Home
Social Studies: Lakes and Rivers of New York
Science: Plants and Experiment
Religion: Chapter 3 Sin
Sincerely,Mrs. Mary Dougherty

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