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Week of October 23, 2017
 Dear Parents,
       We have been working on identifying Math vocabulary and phrases to help students  use strategies to solve word problems.You can go online for the Math series. I will supply each student's username and password in their Math notebook. The website is pearsonsuccessnet.com.We will be using graphic organizers in class to enhance learning. They need to practice the 12 times tables and all the Math facts. The class is trying so hard in class, and they are improving in concentration.  We will be reviewing examples from the Third Grade Common Core test in Math and Reading. Please keep these for review at home, too. Please encourage daily reading for at least 15 minutes. We are focusing on increasing vocabulary skills.They will  write unknown words on index cards or in a notebook, and they should practice this at home, too. Our Halloween party will follow the parade on Tuesday, October 31st. The children should bring their costumes in a bag. All are invited. Enjoy a nice week.
Reading: Letters Home
Math: Chapters 4, 1 Multiplication facts and re-grouping in subtraction and addition
Science: Fossils and Earthquakes
Social Studies: Chapter 1 New York Geography
Religion: Mary, Chapter 4 Conscience, Bible stories
Grammar: Simple and Complete Subjects, Compound Sentences
Spelling: long u sound words
Mrs. Dougherty


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