Classroom Agendas:

week of 2/10-2/14

5th Grade Math: Beginning Topic 6, expect a quiz on Friday

6th Grade Math: Unit: Module 2 Packet 4 ; Finding GCF and LCM; quiz on Friday

7th Grade Math: Rates, Proportions, and unit rates; expect quiz on Wednesday.

8th Grade Math: Math Quiz tomorrow on linear equations. Expect Unit test when we get back from break.

6th Grade Religion: Period of the judges.

January Value of the Month: Love/Charity

Other Resources:

"Where can I find more problems to practice to help me study?"



Khan Academy-

Go back to your notebook, workbook, and textbook and try the problems we didn't get to or do some problems over again!

Look back at past quizzes to study for the big test!

Practice your keyboarding skills at this website!

and this new one as well- click on Typing Lessons to get you started!

Spanish Curriculum: