Weekly Update

3/19/18- 3/23/18
I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was so nice to see so many happy families marching with us on Sunday.  It was a wonderful day!  SMS raised $3,187 for Hoops for Heart!  The children were so excited to take part in this wonderful endeavor.

 The children have grown so much since I started with them.  I am so proud of how they respond to the academic challenges they meet each day as well as how they treat each other with Christian kindness.  I hope this Lent is a prayerful time for all of you and wish you many blessings this Lenten season.  

Religion-    We will finish chapter 16 this week.  The children are very busy preparing the Archdiocesan Religion final.

Math-  We will complete our first unit on fractions this week.  The children should be practicing their facts each night. 

Reading-   The children will take the ELA state test when we return from Easter break.  They have worked so hard and are committed to preforming their best.  We will continue this week with answering test questions form years past as well as working in our Progress Books.

Science-  We will continue to study the different kinds of soil.  

Social Studies- Students will begin unit 4 and describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Please note the students are also working diligently in their Progress books.  These books are designed to help them review for their ELA and math state tests which they will take in the spring.  


PreK - 1st:


  • Keyboard Zoo *Keyboard Zoo 2

  • Jump Key

  • Cup Stacking *Typing Rocket Junior

Many of these games also help students to practice using the mouse to locate and select letters/numbers/pictures on the screen.  

2nd - 4th:


  • Alpha Munchies *Keyboard Challenge

  • Keyboard Chase *Keyboard Invasion

  • Typing Race *Typing Rocket

Popcorn Typer:


Students should also practice using the mouse to select objects, drag and drop and resize objects.

5th - 8th:

Nitro Type


In addition to keyboarding, students should practice using the touchpad on chromebooks to select items, copy and paste objects, insert images and text boxes, and adjust font sizes and colors.





                             March 21- No school for students
                             March 22- Spring uniform may be                                                          worn
                             March 24- Palm Sunday
                             March 29- April 6- Easter recess

Please be advised that all snow dates noted on the calendar are now being returned.
The dates returned in descending order [#6-1] are:

  • 5/29/18
  • 3/23/18
  • 5/18/18
  • 5/25/18
  • 5/11/18
  • 4/23/18

Please also see the Spanish curriculum located under
files on this webpage.    Please also see the attached file skm-c4581803090948 from Mrs. Maldonado