Welcome to Student Council!
This site will help you find meeting dates, and notes from past meetings,
as well as letting you know about up coming events, and see pictures
from past events. We hope you have a great year as a representative!

*There has been one issue that has been on the officer's
 minds recently- primary grades. It is very important if you
have been assigned to a primary grade to make sure that
 you have been visiting them regularly. This is a big part
of your commitment as an officer, and to the lower grades,
this is one of their only sources of information of what
 is going on around the school. Please, if there is anything
that the officers can do to help you with your primary responsibility,
 let us know! We want to help you too, in any way we
can. So please, remember your primary grade,
and report to them and then Lizzy or Austin at least two
weeks after our last meeting. Thanks!*