Research Overview


Grade 8: An Independent Study

Ms. Theofiles, Mrs. Schindler


Students are required to use a wide variety of resources. An interview or online resources is required. Suggested writing resource: Writers Inc: A Student Handbook for Writing & Learning. Houghton Mifflin. (Numerous copies are available in the SJA library and research classroom.)

Course Description:

Students meet TWO class periods per week for 19 weeks to develop an independent research paper and related community leadership project. Research topics are selected based on global issues, interests, current events, and/or global relevance. Notes are documented using an online note card program. A written paper is completed following MLA guidelines. Based on their research topic students will design, develop, and execute a leadership project. Students summarize their work in an oral presentation to faculty, parents, and peers.


Students apply information literacy skills as they research their projects and become knowledgeable. These skills include task definition, information seeking strategies, location and access of information, design thinking, use of information, online note-taking documentation, critical thinking, synthesis, and evaluation. Through the leadership project, students will investigate, plan, and develop a project to raise awareness and ideally change behavior.


Note & Source Cards

Outline & Works Cited

Final Research Paper

Leadership Project

Oral Presentation

Time Management  **(A deduction of 5 points per day will occur for any late submissions)

Homework Expectations:

Students are provided extensive time in-class to work on projects. It is also necessary for time to be spent outside of class. Students will keep journals to reflect on their progress. The guidelines for the research paper, leadership project, reflection journal, and personal timelines are established early in the trimester. Organization is key to success!

Teacher Contact:

Email provides the best method of contact:

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