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Media Center


  The St. Francis Media Center is a wonderful part of our building.  
Our media center has an amazing set of picture books, fiction books and nonfiction/reference materials.  

    Students and staff are welcome (and encouraged) to use its resources at anytime throughout the day.


Mission Statement

    The mission of the Media Center is to provide educational resources that foster the students' ability to read, make inferences, and evaluate information. Most importantly, the Media Center strives to help every child develop a love of reading.


Contact and Hour Information

Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Mrs. Kerry LeWarne 

Volunteer Coordinator:

Laurie Cosgrove

Accelerated Reader 
         AR Enterprise offers our students access to the AR and STAR programs through the Internet with access to every AR quiz available (100,000+).  Every time new AR quizzes are released our students automatically have access to the new quizzes.  As our students look for books at the St. Francis Library, at the local bookstores, or at home they will be able to use the link below to check the title to see if there is an AR quiz available and to see if the book level is within their reading range.  

       Students will still only have permission to test from computers at school but we are encouraging them to use our school library, the public library and their home libraries to locate even more good books to read.  Each quarter our students are reading and quizzing to increase their reading skills and reach their individual AR goals. 

      Check your books here to see if there is an AR quiz available and to see the book level. 


St. Francis of Assisi 

Selection Policy


It will be the role of the media specialist to select instructional materials for the St. Francis of Assisi School Library and review donations to the library.

Criteria for Selection

The following criteria will be used in selection:

  • Materials will support the general educational goals of St. Francis of Assisi and the curriculum of specific courses.

  • Additional materials will be provided to foster an interest in the use of media and in reading as a lifelong activity.

  • Materials will meet high standards of quality in factual content, presentation and format.

  • Materials shall be chosen to fairly represent diverse non-sexist, ethnic, racial and age groups. They shall realistically represent our pluralistic society.

  • Materials which are appropriate to the age, development and ability of each student will be made available as the budget allows.

  • Materials shall be designed to motivate students and staff to examine their own attitudes and behaviors and to comprehend their own duties, responsibilities, rights and privileges as Christians and citizens in a pluralistic society.

  • Materials will present all sides of controversial and problematic aspects of our society even though some of these materials may be biased.

  • Sensationalistic and pornographic materials are automatically excluded, however, serious works which present an honest picture of some problem or aspect of  life are not necessarily excluded because of frankness.

  • Other works automatically excluded are those that deliberately distort or misrepresent the teachings of the Church.

The main responsibility for selection of library media materials is delegated to the professional library media specialist.  While the selection process should be a collaborative effort involving administrators, teachers, students and the  media specialist, it is the responsibility of the media specialist to coordinate and recommend the selection and purchase of materials sine he/she has professional training and experience in the materials selection.

Procedures for Selection

In selecting materials and evaluating the collection, reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection aids will be consulted. Recommendations for purchase will be requested from the faculty and considered from students. Selection is an ongoing process, which should include the removal of materials no longer appropriate, and the replacement of lost and worn material still of educational value.


All gifts and donations will be accepted gratefully on the condition that the media specialist may place them where they will be of most value. Material may be disposed of at the discretion of the media specialist. A list of needed materials for the library and classrooms will be supplied to those wishing to make a memorial or donation. Gift materials not selected from the supplied list will be evaluated by the same criteria as other materials selected. In accepting gifts of books, we are mindful that, unlike some libraries, the St. Francis of Assisi Library serves a specific age group in a limited amount of space and is therefore not able to serve as an archive for materials that might be of more use in another library.

Reconsideration of Materials

In the event that there is an objection to material selected for the St. Francis of Assisi School Library the media specialist, principal, and the person with the objection will first attempt to resolve the complaint through informal discussion of why the material was chosen and the general selection policy.

If the person making the objection is not satisfied with this step, the person will be requested to file a Reconsideration Request Form. On completion of the form, the principal will assemble the Reconsideration Committee to review the complaint and to make a recommendation to the principal.

The Reconsideration Committee will consist of the principal, the vice-principal, media specialist, a language arts teacher, and a parent. The committee will meet and consider the complaint and will make a recommendation of what action should be taken.

The principal will then inform the complainant of what action will be taken.

Online Resources

Use the following user name and password for all online resources:

User Name:  6822stfr

Password:  haea11

(ebooks, audiobooks and databases)

Pebble Go
(ebooks, audiobooks)

(Nonfiction ebooks, audiobooks)

Learn 360

Go to heartlandaea.org for more awesome resources!