The Healthy Schools Committee

The Health Promoting Schools Programme is an initiative which is supported by the Department of Education and Science and the H.S.E.

A  Health promoting school focuses on four key areas:

  • Partnerships ( involving parents  and outside agencies)
  • Policy ( development of new policies  and redrafting  of existing policies)
  • Curriculum (through  the teaching of S.P.H.E. )
  • The School Environment (the physical and social environment in the school).

Since 2009, our school has been involved in the Healthy Schools Programme.

Central to the programme is the formation of a voluntary committee of students and a parents’ representative, who help to promote health-related themes. Questionnaires are distributed  to the student body to decide on a theme for each year. This  ensures that there is whole school involvement in the project.

Previous Themes

Since becoming a Health Promoting School,we have won two awards for our work on previous themes : Nutrition and Substance Use.

Activities For The 2013/2014 School Year

This year the committee has been focussing on promoting positive mental health.Its proposals for the year are :

1. To provide Junior Cert/ Leaving students with a study skills booklet ,which would also contain tips on positive mental health.

2. To hold an art competition for all years –the theme of which will be positive mental health.

3. To provide a comment box within the school to allow students to make helpful suggestions about the school environment.

4.To set up a webpage with links for students/parents to health-promoting websites,and also to provide information on the actions of the committee.

5.To hold a non-uniform day, proceeds of which will be distributed to Jigsaw and to reprint the study-skills booklet from last year

6.To support the teaching of  S.P.H.E. by inviting a guest speaker from Jigsaw to speak to Junior Cert./Leaving Cert students/teachers.

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