Task 3 : PowerPoint

The manager of Action Pursuits would like to produce a presentation to assist with the training of new sales staff. 
Design a multimedia presentation containing no more than 8 slides. 

Part A

Produce storyboards for your presentation, which must include the following three slides: 

    • A title slide, including the overall presentation aim; 
    • A brief introduction to Action Pursuits, including an overview of indoor and outdoor activities offered, which are listed in the database; 
    • A visual presentation showing the highest paying group taken from the spreadsheet. (i.e. A Graph)

Choose appropriate content for the additional slides (4–8) from the following list. You may wish to carry out independent research to develop the presentation.

    • Staff job roles and duties; 
    • Uniform and dress code for indoor and outdoor jobs; 
    • Health and Safety Procedures, e.g. reporting an accident; 
    • An overview of the working day, e.g. start/end times, break, lunch etc; 
    • Environmental initiatives, e.g. recycling; 
    • Ongoing training opportunities and career development, e.g. first aid training; 
    • Any other relevant slide/s of your choice. 

8 Marks

Part B

Choose an appropriate application to create the presentation.

Include the company logo and use it consistently in the presentation.

Use appropriate styles and layout, including a master slide and navigation buttons, to enhance your presentation.

Make use of advanced features such as: 

  • buttons to control slide transitions
  • animation of text and graphics
  • transitions
  • object linking
  • timings
  • imported sounds and images from at least two sources, such as graphics created by you, photographs from a digital camera, clipart or downloaded from the Internet. 

16 Marks

Part C

Evaluate your presentation, paying particular attention to strengths, weaknesses and possible improvements.

Use the headings in the PEG to help structure your evaluation: 

    • Slide design; 
    • Content; 
    • Graphics; 
    • Use of colour; 
    • Special effects; 
    • Navigation/hyperlinks. 

Complete the Presentation Evaluation Grid (PEG) and include it in the evaluation document.

This can be downloaded from here, and included in the main evaluation.

Save the completed evaluation as Part C in Portable Document Format. 

6 Marks

Total 30 Marks

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Oct 19, 2015, 4:38 AM