3rd Grade News

   Week of  April 20th - April 24th
      Good morning! I hope everyone had a great

       This Week in 3rd Grade:
        Spelling - 
        Lesson 31 - 
        Regular homework schedule
        Test on Friday
      D.O.L. - 
       Week 31 
       Test on Friday
Phonics - Unit 7 - last unit 
               Dictionary Skills

Language - Unit 7
                 Using your senses to                              describe
          Test next week                

Reading - Unit 6 - last unit 
              The Pinata Maker
      Skill this week -  Generalizing

Math - Chapter 6
            Review for test
             Division 6 through 12

Social Studies -       
              Chapter 7
 Lesson 1 -                
Science - Unit  C, Chapter 1
             Lesson 1 - What are minerals?
Test next week

Religion - Chapter 19
       We pray for healing and eternal life 
 Congratulations to our spelling bee participant,
Brett Kuhn for representing St. Anthony so well
at the 1st Diocesan Spelling Bee held in Charleston
this past weekend.                 
Rita Elya in fourth grade took first place for the
3rd through 5th grade division. She is the first
person to win this event. Congratulations to her.
                ART SHOW  
Thursday, April 23rd at 6:00 in
the cafeteria.
              Happy Birthday to -
Bea Acaylar, April 5th on Easter Day
and Grant Andrews on April 21st. 
We hope you enjoy your special day.

Monday, April 20th 
Tuesday, April 21st
 Math test Chapter 6   
 Reading Benchmark test, Unit 5                  
Wednesday, April 22nd
 Reading Comprehension test, Unit 5   

Thursday, April 23rd
Reading Vocab -
             The Pinata Maker
Reading Skills test, Unit 5

Friday,  April 24th
Spelling Lesson 31
D.O.L. Week 31
Religion Ch 19

Have a fantastic week!   
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