As you begin your Senior year these websites may be helpful as you research plans for after high school. 

Common Application - Use this form to look at schools that use the Common Application. 

Looking for Careers that will be in demand check out this site Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Campus Tours : Virtual College Tours - Ever wonder what the campus looks like, take a look at this site!

Which college is best for you? - Finding your college fit?

NCAA Clearinghouse Registration  - If Division I or Division II sports are in your college plans look at this site for guidelines and registration  

Div. III College Search Tool -  A tool to use for a student  looking to  combine academics and athletics at the DIV III level

My Majors - Helpful site when looking deciding on college majors  and career choices

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid - This it the starting point for figuring out the amount of finical aid to help pay for college. 

This estimator is a free service, has the ability to compute your estimated actual costs after taking in your financial aid need. ACT's free Financial AId Need Estimator

Massive Scholarship Database, tips and advise on earning scholarships - fast web

Todays Military - Look at career opportunities and all the branches of the military

Student Aid - is a new website that provides straightforward and easy to understand information about planning and paying for college. 

A Guide to Ohio's Two Year Colleges - OATYCAO

Cara Habermehl,
Sep 26, 2013, 6:08 AM