General Information

What is the Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainer Development Course? (ITDC)

The Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainer Development Course (ITDC) is designed to prepare Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainers to provide a quality education program for swim instructors, using experiential activities based upon adult learning principles, with an emphasis on understanding and utilizing effective facilitation skills.  The Instructor Trainer Development process includes a self study course and an in-person course conducted by a SAI Master Trainer.  Instructor Trainer candidates will review the methods used to provide the initial swim instructor training and on-going instructor development.  The Starfish Swimming curriculum will be reviewed at all stages, with an emphasis on the program's benchmarks and how experiential learning activities provide an effective learning environment.
The Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainer Development Course (ITDC) is designed to train new Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainer candidates, cross-over existing swim instructor trainers from another agency, reauthorize Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainers, and upgrade Instructor Trainer status. 
What are the prerequisites to attend a Starfish Swimming ITDC?
All Starfish Swim Instructor Trainer candidates must have prior experience as a swim instructor.  The first step is to complete the registration form located on this website.  The registration fee for the ITDC includes a self study course, the Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainer Guide (sent as a .pdf via email) and the Starfish Swim Instructor Workbook, which will be shipped to your Training Center. After you complete the registration process, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the self study course.  You must successfully complete the self study portion of the training prior to attending the in-person course. 

At the in-person course, you must demonstrate that you have swimming skills adequate for your personal safety during the class and the ability to teach all stages of the Starfish Swimming curriculum. 

What is the agenda for the ITDC?
The ITDC is based upon the core skills of the Starfish Swimming Instructor curriculum that include Be Safe, Have Fun, Be Prepared, Be Patient, and Communicate Effectively.  The curriculum is designed to be customized to meet the needs of the audience.  The following agenda may be modified during the course to facilitate meeting the learning objectives.
  • Elements of Effective Teaching review
  • Experiential activities review
  • Starfish Swimming curriculum review
  • Competency Assessment Performance scenarios
  • Skill component analysis and key teaching points
  • Starfish Swimming Program Administration
  • Instructor Trainer Teach-back assignments and evaluation
  • Written exam and knowledge assessment
What do you need to bring?
  • Starfish Swimming Instructor Trainer Guide
  • Starfish Swim Instructor Workbook
  • swimsuit
  • warm clothes
  • sandals or shoes appropriate for a pool setting
  • goggles (if desired)
  • swim fins (if you own or have access to a pair, you may find these beneficial during the stroke school portion of the course)
  • towel
  • pen and paper