Qt1 Wk7: Sept 20-23

20 September

Identify the characteristics and purposes of different types of order for essays.
Create essay topics and purposes for each of fivetypes of essay organizational patterns. 

Write the steps you went through today to arrive here, beginning with leaving home. List the steps in order.
1)  Read p. 69 in Writer's Choice, paying particular attention to the chart.
2)  Complete the worksheet "Drafting: Ordering Your Thoughts."
3)  Examine Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon test.
HOMEWORK:  Finish completing the worksheet "Drafting: Ordering Your Thoughts", including writing the revised paragraph essay in Part C. This worksheet and paragraph essay are both DUE Tuesday 9/21.
21 September
Complete a Grammar Screening Assessment.
Review testing procedures.
1)  Students will take a Grammar Screening Assessment to determine grammar areas that need additional work.
22 September
Compare and contrast biographies written by different people.
Write five sentences that describe a well-known political, religious, or entertainment figure. All five sentences must be about the same person.
1)  Dialogue on different opinions and facts about well-known people from bellwork.
2)  Read pp. 252-254 from Writer's Choice, and complete the handout "Comparing Biographies of J.P. Morgan." Hand in worksheet by the end of class.
3)  Journal Entry 9/22:  Imagine two friends each writing a biography about you. Explain how you think the biographies would differ.
HOMEWORK:  Complete "Comparing and Contrasting Biographies" handout for homework.
23 September
Compare and contrast pagan and Christain elements in Beowulf.
List five examples of Christianity in Beowulf. List five examples of Christianity in Beowulf. List five examples of paganism in Beowulf.
1)  Complete reading the final section of the story Beowulf. ("The Funeral Fire")
2)  Gather pagan and Christian elements from the entire story of Beowulf.
3)  In twenty minutes, write an essay that compares and contrasts Christian and pagan elements from Beowulf. Your essay should be organized, and it should use specific evidence from the story. It should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Your essay might consider which is stronger in the story, its Christian or its pagan elements? Explain your choice.