Kinderlogo is available for Windows and Macintosh computers from Terrapin.

Please visit my Kinderlogo website for more information and pictures.

 First grader, after using Kinderlogo, "My favorite thing to do here is the turtle!"

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Students at SPS use a software program I have authored called Kinderlogo. First published by in 1984, Kinderlogo has had a long lifespan for a software product! I have recently updated the software for use by students at SPS. 
Kinderlogo is created using Logo, a unique programming language for education. Logo was developed at MIT in Cambridge, MA, in the 1970s as a way for students to explore mathematical concepts and problem-solving in a fun learning environment. The most famous feature of Logo is the turtle, a graphical icon that students move on the screen. They give the turtle commands such as FORWARD 50 and RIGHT 90.

Kinderlogo converts these commands that younger learners find difficult to type into single keystrokes. When they press F, the turtle moves forward 20 steps. When they press R, it turns to the right 30 degrees. Students become quickly and intensely engaged in moving the turtle. Kinderlogo activities allow students to practice these commands in many ways, from popping balloons, to navigating mazes, to connecting dots to form letters.

Here are the steps that a student would take to draw a hexagon. The keystroke pattern F R R is repeated 6 times.

Kinderlogo has five levels, each of which introduces new keystroke commands. Level 2 introduces commands that draw circles and square, Level 3 includes additional pen commands, and Level 4 introduces color commands.

By the end of Level 5, students are giving commands so that the turtle can remember a series of moves. Students can then repeat these commands in a variety of ways to create interesting results. We hope to get to Level 5 this year!

Features that are new to this updated version of Kinderlogo include activities using multiple turtles. Students can give commands that several turtles follow at the same time.

Last year, students created dozens of Kinderlogo designs with the turtle, many of which appear in the Kinderlogo User’s Guide. Some of the pictures are shown below.

Level 1: Commands available are F for forward, R for right turn (30 degrees), and L for left turn (30 degrees).

 Micah (when he was in Kindergarten)
was pleased to create 4 shapes in the same picture.
 Ashton (when he was in Kindergarten) showed his skill at creating squares and  sense of design.
Manuel (when he was in Grade 1) used the forward and turn commands to create a house.
Jonathan (when he was in Kindergarten) drew this futuristic vehicle In Level 1. He drew wheels without using the circle command, introduced at Level 2.
Aylssa (when she was in Grade 1) used multiple turtles to draw this design.

Level 2: New commands are C for circle, S for square, and B for back.

Kayla (when she was in Grade 1) created this vehicle using the circle command for its wheels.
Josue (when he was in Grade 1) named this picture "Apple Tree".
Grace (when she was in Grade 2) described this as a house with a ladder.

Level 4: New commands add color.

Mae (when she was in Grade 1) created this black bird with a yellow bill.
Emma (when she was in Grade 1) repeated a pattern of colorful circles to make a bouquet of flowers in a box.
Jack (when he was in Grade 1) used lots of creativity and color to create this fire truck.