Grade 1

In Grade 1, students practice mouse and navigation skills. The activities focus on patterns, math, language arts, science, music, and creativity. Below are links to some of our favorite activities. Your children will have fun showing you what they do in the computer lab.

We also enjoy these activities that are not on the Internet.

Drawing patterns and designs with a turtle is a favorite activity. Click here to see some Kinderlogo pictures that Grade 1 students have created.
The students also love Bee-Bots. They program the small robots to move to destinations on mats that tie in with curriculum content.
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You can download this award-winning paint program for free at
Check out our TuxPaint Gallery of pictures!

Mouse and Arrow Key Skills

Nature Trail
How many animals can you spot?
Emily Elizabeth's Big Day
This is Emily Elizabeth's first day of school. You can choose what she learns that day.
Color the pinwheels and make them spin to music.

Jigsaw Puzzle
Can you put the puzzle together and see the Big Green Monster?
Bees and Honey
Practice your mouse skills by helping these bees make honey.
Mr. Tumble's Stars
Use the arrow keys to collect stars as you guide Mr. Tumble through mazes and other activities.

Color Patterns

Light the Lamps
Make your lanterns match the pattern you see. Light them and watch them glow.
Polka Dot Shorts
Be a pattern detective! Click
on the dots that make the
pattern at the top of the
Book Wall
Click on neighboring books that are the same color. How many can you remove?
Crane Game
Timing is everything! Click the Go button to make the crane grab a toy. It's harder than you think!

Number Fun

Counting Sheep
Don't fall asleep while you count these sheep! Put the same number of sheep on each side of the pen.
Leap Frog
Click the next higher number to get the frog across the pond. (Click Play if the frog disappears!)
Save the Whale
Connect the right pipe to make the water flow and set the whale free!  7 + ? = 10

Cuckoo Symmetry
Move the parts to fix the cuckoo clock. Find the symmetrical part that matches to make a whole shape.
Number Jungle
Count the number of steps the monkey has to take to reach the fruit. Click on the numbers at the bottom to move the monkey along the number line to get the food.
Connect the Dots
Don't just count by 1s. Practice skip counting in this fun activity.

Missing Numbers
Drag the numbers to where they belong in the number line.
Number Words
Drag the drags to the correct spots in the list. Then give the zebra some treats.
100 Square
Find the number you are given and click on it.
100 Square 2
Drag the missing numbers to where they belong in the grid.
100 Square 3
Look at the number and figure out where it is in the grid.

Sled Fun
How many more children do you  need to fill the empty sleds?
Hamster Hotel
You get the run the elevator to take hamsters to floors that have enough rooms for them all!
Addition Blastoff!
Click on numbers that add up to the number in the circle.
Tux Math
We also use this fun program to practice math facts. Click Tux for a free download.

Bug Catcher
Move the bug catcher to the bug. Use + numbers to move right; use - numbers to move left. Don't fall in the water!
Number Lines
Look at the number in the center. Find a number in the line to add up to 10. Can you get rid of all the balls?
Bowling Math
Slide the bowling ball with your mouse to knock down pins. Then count by tens and ones. 

Words, Words, and More Words

Buggy World
Listen carefully to hear what to click on, in the right order, to catch some bugs.
Make a Word
Drag vowels to the blank spots and make as many real words as you can!
Monkey Business
Can you click on the parts of the sentence to put them in the right order and get the monkey across the gap?

Sir Readsalot
Click around the castle scene to find letters to build words. Help Sir Readsalot find his trusty horse, Bookmark!
Find the Word
Listen to the lion say a word and then click on it. Click the lion to hear the word again.
Word Play
Click on words and watch them act out what they mean!

Make a Magician
Create a magician, then help say his magic words to do some tricks!
Tongue Twisters
Practice saying these tongue twisters! Click on the pictures for fun animations.
Real or Make Believe
Figure out if each story could really happen or if it is make believe.

ABC Order
Put these words in alphabetical order. Click the bird to undo a word.
Good, Better, Best!
Match the pictures to the words. Click the rope to switch the pictures around.
Library Flood
Click on three books to that go together. They will be on the same topic.

Synonym Sam
Find two words that mean the same as what Rufous the dog is doing.
Lionel's Talking Gizmo
Make silly sentences with this fun machine. Click the red buttons to change the words. Click the blue button to hear the sentence.
Lost and Found Mysteries
Follow the clues to solve three different mysteries.


Sand Castle Shapes
Make a sandcastle with different solid shapes.
Match the pictures and numbers to make a chain of dominoes.
Memory Game
Click on the cards to find matches.

Match the Seashells
Click on the cards to find matching seashells.
Monkey Match
Match letters and sounds in this activity.

Creativity and Problem-Solving

Make an Alien
Create an alien, then write about it in the Notepad.
Paint a Dinosaur
Choose from dozens of dinosaurs to color.
Make a Snowflake
Cut the folded paper with scissors to make a beautiful snowflake.
Symmetry Art
Can you paint the right side to match the left? For a challenge, hide the lines at the right.

Make a Scene
Stamp pictures, then color them in to make a pretty scene.
Ant Art
Draw a picture using lemonade, then watch the ants come to draw it in color.
Fun with Shapes
Build a picture with shapes of different colors.
Make an Invention
Add three items to the mixer and see what you get!

Social Studies and Science

US Map Puzzle - easy
Put the states on the map, one group at a time.
US Map Puzzle - hard
Put all the states on the map!
Color the States
Color in all the states. Don't have states that touch each other be the same color.

Desert Animal Puzzle
Put the puzzle together to find a bright, flying friend.
Desert Animal Puzzle
Put the puzzle together to find a slow-moving friend.
Hidden Animals
Click on animals hidden in the picture. Click the circles at the left for hidden animals in different habitats.
Jungle Eyes
Listen to some poems about jungle animals.

World Safari
Choose a continent, then take pictures of the animals you spot to make a movie.
Build a Triceratops
Drag the pieces to the correct spots to create a dinosaur.
Build a Maiasaura
Drag the pieces to the correct spots to create a dinosaur.
Tyrannasaurus Rex
Drag the pieces to the correct spots to create a dinosaur.

Weather Wheel
Dress Sid the Science Kid appropriately for the weather.
Be a Scientist
Find out what it takes to be different kinds of scientists. What do you wear? What tools do you need?

Music Week

What's Playing?
Hear all the different instruments play familiar tunes in a variety of styles. Click to start and stop the musicians.
One-man Band
Listen to the instrument you hear and click its picture to see if you were right.
Early Birds Singers
Click on the birds to hear them sing their notes. Click on '3 Blind Mice' and follow the arrow to play that song!
Making Music
Click on the red guitar. Then click on the musicians to hear them play. The buttons at the bottom let you record, stop and play back your tune.

Wellness Week ~ Fruit

Find Squigly
Use ordinal numbers to tell where Squigly the worm is.
Food Swap
Get three in a row of the same food. Click on two foods to swap their places.
Apple Match
Click the green boxes to match all the apple pictures.
Apple Jigsaw
Try this 12-piece jigsaw puzzle. Change the number of pieces using the links at the bottom.
Save the Apples
Solve addition and subtraction problems to save the apples from the crocodile!

Click the pictures below for fun summer activities for all ages.

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