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~ Guest Teacher Placement System

eSchool Phone Number
Step-by-step instructions for the phone and computer are attached below in a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.
The web-tutorial, SADIE, is no longer being updated. 
Up-to-date web video tutorials can now be found in the "Help" section of your personal webpage.  Log in to eschool and click "Help" in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Select the option you need from the drop-down menu and the video clip should automatically open on your screen.

Web Address:  The website will not open through a Yahoo or Google search.  You must enter the  exact url in the “Address Bar.”  You can also link in through the school web site.  (www.sahuarita.net) On the right-hand side of the page, click on “Teacher Navigation.”  On the new page, click “Request A Substitute.” 

Call-Back Number:  Make sure you enter an 11-digit call-back number that includes a “1” and your area code.  If the number format is not correct, you will not receive out-going calls. 

Cell Phones:  Using a cell phone as your primary call-back number is acceptable.  If you are in a location with poor reception, however, the computer system my have difficulty receiving your Access ID and PIN data correctly.  If this occurs, the system will hang up after 3-tries. 

Answering Machines:  The system will not leave messages or hold jobs when an answering machine or voicemail system answers.  The call will be treated as a “hang up” and, unless you are a “specified substitute” listed for the assignment, the system will continue calling other people. 

Missed Calls:  If you miss a call, it is always a good idea to log in or call in to the system to see if the job is still available.  Sometimes, the job can still be accepted. 

Specified Substitute:  This feature allows teachers to enter the Access ID of a “preferred” guest teacher.  If your name is listed, the system will hold the job open until you are contacted OR until 7 PM on the night before the assignment.  The assignment will show up under “available jobs” on the Internet or on the phone until you decline, become unavailable, or the 7 PM deadline is past. 

Sharing Your Access ID:  We encourage you to make your Access ID available to teachers.  Leaving it written on classroom notes or giving it to teachers who request it is appropriate and welcome.  Please do not, however, send out “blanket” emails or voice mails soliciting jobs.  This practice is not permitted.  It is a drain on teacher time and patience. 

Unavailable Dates & Schedules:  Please get in the “habit” of maintaining an up-to-date calendar for your profile.  If you block the dates and times that you cannot work, the system will not call you, and these dates will not “count against you.”  The system does, however, track call counts and call results.  Please do not waste system resources with excessive hang-up and unanswered calls.  If this becomes a problem, it will affect your employment status. 

Declining Jobs:  Declining individual jobs does NOT stop all job call-out for a given date.  It merely stops the system from calling you again for the job number you decline.  The only way to stop calls for a given date is to use the “unavailable days” feature of your profile. 

Date & Time Formats:  It is imperative that you enter dates and times correctly.  All dates must have a mm/dd/yyyy format.  All times must use the hh:mm am (or pm) format.  You will receive a “not valid” error message if these formats are not used. 

“Buying Some Time:”  When the system calls you, pressing the star (*) key will make the system wait for 2 minutes for you to enter your Access ID and PIN.

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Jan 11, 2011, 6:33 PM
Monica Christiansen,
Jan 11, 2011, 6:34 PM