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~ General School Policies

***  Report to the building principal or secretary upon your arrival.  Please make sure to sign in at the school office. 
***  If you have concerns or suggestions that need to be addressed, please complete a Guest Teacher Evaluation and Comment Form.  http://susdintranet.susd30.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Substitute-Eval-of-Teacher.pdf

***  Please insist that students address you formally, using Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss and your last name.  It is inappropriate for students to address you by your first name.

***  In the elementary schools, please take lunch count in the morning.  This information should be sent to the front office.  Lunch tickets should be picked up in the front office.  Sopori teachers need to pre-order lunches for themselves each morning.

***  If any child, initially marked present, is missing at any time during the day, please notify the office.  You will also need to notify the office if a child arrives late without bringing a pass from the office.  Do not make adjustments to the on-line attendance once you have submitted it.  

***  Be familiar with the discipline process at the sites where you work.  Ask questions if you have them and be prepared to follow the steps provided.  If there are discipline problems that you cannot handle in the classroom, please request assistance from a neighboring teacher.  If this is not possible, contact the front office for instructions.   Do not send a child out of the classroom with out an administrative escort.  DO NOT EVER PUT YOUR HANDS ON A STUDENT!

***  It is imperative that you follow the lesson plans left by the teacher.  Plans should be on the desk.   If there are no lesson plans, or inadequate plans, contact the office.  There may emergency plans on file with the secretary or the teacher may have faxed or emailed plans to a colleague.  If, in fact, the teacher did not prepare plans, it is important for the principal to be made aware of the situation.  Addressing this problem immediately benefits the students and future substitutes.

***  Leave a note for the teacher describing your activities during the day.  Note any problems for the teacher to address upon his or her return, as well as detailing where students left off on work.

***  If the planned work is completed early, you may supplement with other constructive and appropriate activities.

***  Students should not be allowed to leave the classroom except for very important reasons.  No student should be permitted to leave the school grounds without permission from the principal or his/her designated representative. 

***  Please do not advise or discuss the classroom work or status of a child with anyone.  We value the privacy of all students.

***  Most teachers appreciate having daily papers graded if you have time.  Please leave the papers for the teacher to see and record.  In long-term situations, the principal will advise how to proceed.

***  When answering the telephone in the classroom, please identify the classroom and then state your name.   "Hello, Mr(s)----'s room.  --------- speaking."

***  Do not use electronic devices when students are present.  If you need to text, check messages, place phone calls, email or listen to music while at work, this MUST be done during recess, lunch breaks, or passing periods.

***  Please dress professionally.  Shorts, t-shirts, and gym shoes are not appropriate, unless you are substituting for a physical education teachers.  Please refer to the Employee Dress Code. 

***  Please use extreme care in handing out food, of any kind, to the children.  Students may have severe food allergies—some of them life-threatening.  Please do not use food for rewards or treats.