Welcome September 2018

September 2018

Welcome to Technology Education or Tech as it is often referred to by students. All Pierson students will work in a newly completed modern and efficient shop facility geared for the 21st century, which is broken down into several phases, with phase 1 being complete. Phase 2, new, safer equipment will be installed and Phase 3, a Technology Fabrication lab including computers for 3D modeling and the latest technology for prototyping and fabricating projects. Robotics will also be integrated into the program.

My expectations are that 2018-19 will be a very exciting and productive year.

Since 1985 all middle school students are required by NYS to complete forty weeks of Technology Education by the end of eighth grade. Most students have a very positive, enjoyable experience while in the class and often look back at their time spent in the shop with fond memories.

High school students may elect to take a class called Production and Manufacturing. The class earns a student a full high school math credit.

Technology Education is all about Problem Solving and the Design Process. Students will use the 4C's in class, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and creativity to solve real-world problems. Students will be involved with Project Based Learning, taking what they have learned in other classes and applying to their projects.

If you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email, emoloney@sagharborschools.org or call the main office at (631) 725 -5300, and I can be contacted during school hours.

Ed Moloney