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Common App Common FAQs



What if I don’t have a major? Consider yourself “undeclared” or “Undecided” - this is listed as an option and perfectly acceptable as an answer!

What is the Pierson School Code?  334985

What is my “counselor’s information”?

Margaret  L. Motto, College and Career Counselor, 631-725-5302 X711 mmotto@sagharborschools.org

Fax: 631-725-7339

What is my GPA/Class Rank? Your current GPA and class rank are in your Naviance account listed in the “about me” section under the category “profile”.

How is class rank reported? EXACT ( or if you are not ranked, leave this blank)

What is our GPA Scale out of? 100

How many students are in my class? 75

Is the class rank and GPA weighted or unweighted? Pierson’s class rankings and GPA are all based on weighted grades.

What classes do I list under current courses? List all of the courses you are taking senior year. Economics and Government are half year courses. If there is a regents attached to your class it is a Regents Class. If it is IB or AP indicate that as well. All courses should be listed including PE.

Should I list all of my activities? Why can’t I just put up a resume? List all of the activities that you have spent a significant amount of time participating in this list. Include leadership roles on teams and in clubs. Any activity—even those not part of school such as a job, or church activity should be written here. While you can upload a resume in the writing area called “additional information” do not rely on the admissions counselor to read it.

Do I have to put all of my ACT/SAT scores on there?  The official score report sent from ACT or College Board is what the college ideally wants, but the common application is asking you to provide this preliminary information so go ahead and list the scores you are planning to send. For example, if you took both the SAT and ACT but only plan to send ACT scores, do not list the SAT score.

Where do I send the school forms? YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRINT OR SEND ANY SCHOOL FORMS! Transcripts and teacher recommendations are sent electronically from Pierson to meet up with your common application AFTER you 1) submit the common application and 2) complete a cover form and hand it to Ms. Motto.

I made a mistake on my common application and I’ve already submitted it—now what? Unfortunately once it’s submitted we can’t take it back and remember that the common application means that what you write for one school will be identical to the others save for the “future plans” and “supplements” sections. This is why you need to print preview and check it over several times before you hit submit!