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College Fair Tips

Check out these great tips from the Princeton Review! CLICK HERE

Sample intelligent questions to ask at a college fair!

  • Do you offer ___________? Could you tell me about the program?
  • How can I best prepare a strong application for your school?
  • Is it to my advantage to declare a major on my application, or is it best to wait?
  • What areas of your application are most important?
  • Is it to my advantage to apply early? If so, when and why?
  • Which standardized tests do you like to see from your candidates? (SAT I/II, ACT)
  • Is it possible to characterize the student community at your school?
  • What are class sizes like at your school?
  • What is the professor-student relationship like at your school?
  • What are the two strongest programs at your school?
  • What makes your school unique?
  • What does your school value?
  • What kind of student would be happiest at your school?
  • May I send additional letters of recommendation?
  • May I schedule an interview?
  • Is it possible to schedule an overnight campus visit?
  • Would you describe your curriculum as more traditional or innovative?