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Career Exploration

All of your experiences both in and outside of the classroom can help you determine which career fields you are interested in. Career exploration is an important part of growing up and high school is a great time to do it. There are a variety of tools available to help get you started. Using the career tab in your Naviance account is a great place to start. Visit with your counselor to better understand how to better understand how to use this tool to suit your needs and how to take what you learn from the tools and use it to make decisions and future plans. 

Career Exploration Ideas/Opportunities 

This program is a lecture series and shadow experience for students to learn about large animal and mixed animal practices, zoo medicine, poultry and production medicine, radiology, lab animal medicine, and emergency critical care. The program is part of the Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County and will include veterinarian shadowing, tours of the CCE Farm and Education Center and a lecture series. For more information please go to www.ccesufflk.org