Welcome to Social Studies 8

Course Information

Course: Social Studies 8
Teacher: Susan Duff (sduff@sagharborschools.org)
School: Pierson Middle/High School
Time: Periods 1,7 & 8
Location: Room 2160

Social Studies 8

Course Objective:

This program is designed to have students understand the significance of key periods in US history since Reconstruction through interactive activities, while helping students develop the skills necessary to be successful in their future academic endeavors.  

Course Topics:

  • Industrialization & Immigration
  • The Progressive Era
  • The Roaring 20's & Great Depression
  • World Wars I & II
  • Cold War

Grading Policy

Social Studies 8

40% of gradeIf submitted on time – maybe corrected for full credit by the end of the chapter/unit
uTests and Quizzes

        30% of grade

Content driven – what we have learned
Homework/take home quiz
Based on Chapters/Units
Modeled after the NYS assessments
30% of grade
    Varied based on topic being covered
        Group projects
        Individual projects


Social Studies 8

Homework will be written on the whiteboard in the beginning of class for students to copy into their planners. I try to keep the calendar tab up to date with assignments as well.

Students need to complete the homework and hand it in on time.

Students may correct homework, handed in on time, for up to full credit before the test.

Missed homework can be handed in late for partial credit during the 1st (75%) and 2nd (50%) marking periods


Social Studies 8

Students will need:

Three ring binder
loose leaf paper
blue/black pens
index cards 

Some days students may be asked to bring in additional supplies, like poster board or glue..

**** textbooks need to be covered. - Although students seem to like the "Book Sock" - I have heard that they tend to break the spine of the textbook - so you may be better off with the classic paper bag - there are also covers in the library, free of charge.