Dear Parents, 

Welcome to the sixth grade.  This site will updated occasionally to keep you informed.  There is a link below that leads to a site that your child will work on every day in the sixth grade.  It is just one layer of the sixth grade curriculum that we use to provide content and track understanding.  At Curriculum night I will review the site in depth for you.

On the classwork page of this site you will be able to review some of the "do now" quizzes that your child is completing in class.  These quizzes are follow the lessons very closely and we grade them daily.  You will be able to follow the grade on eschool.  If your child is absent you may download the quizzes and administer them yourself to keep your child caught up, however the grade will be left blank in eschool and may not be made up.

Rich Terry and Margery Masters 

Click on the following links to email your teachers: rterry@sagharborschools.org  mmasters@sagharborschools.org